GCSE, F, NC online test 1

Q1 - symmetry

a) Draw a line of symmetry on the shape below.

b) What is the order of rotational symmetry for the shape.


Q2 Numbers, speed

The space shuttle travels at 27 870 km per hour.

a) What is 27 870 in words.

b) What is 27 870 to the nearest hundred.

c) If the space shuttle travelled for 3 hours how far would it have travelled

d) The wingspan of the space shuttle is 23.79 m
What is the wingspan in cm.


Q3 Area

Two walls of a bathroom need tiling. The walls are shown below.


One wall is 3 metres by 3 metres.
The other wall is 3 metres by 4 metres with a window which is 1 metre by ½ metre.

a) Work out the area that needs tiling

Tiles are squares measuring 25cm by 25 cm. They cost £3.00 each
b) Calculate the costs of tiling the bathroom


Q4 Patterns

A number pattern is shown below.

13 =3
23+4 =7
33+4+4 =11

a) Complete the table above.

b) What is the expression in terms of n, for the total in pattern number n.


Q5 Number calculations

a) Matthew was paid £1234 a month. His rent was £357 a month.
How much did he have left after paying his rent.

b) What is   –5.3 – 4.7

c) What is  4 + 5 × 2

d) Arrange these numbers from smallest to largest.

  0.809      –1.09      0.099      –0.9      0.89


Q6 Tally Chart.

The tally chart shows how many pies Henry sold in his cafe in a week.

tally chart
a) Complete the tally and frequency columns

The pictogram below shows the same information above.

b) Complete the pictogram and the key.


Q7 Estimation

a) Estimate 12.9 × 199

b) Estimate:
  24.9 × 50.1 / 10.2 × 4.9


Q8 Metric units

a) What is 1500 grams in kilograms.

b) What is 1.234 kilometres in metres.

c) What is 0.225 litres in millilitres


Q9a Distance and speed

Henry drove 155 miles from Bedworth to Yarm.
He stopped at the "half way cafe" for a meal and a drink.
The cafe is exactly half the distance between Bedworth and Yarm.

Using 5 miles = 8 kilometres what is the distance from Bedworth to the half-way cafe in kilometres.


Q9b Money calculation

At the half way Cafe they had a special offer:

Special offer
1 drink, 1 main, 1 pudding for only £5.00

Henry ordered one Tea, Ham and Chips and Apple Pie.
He paid the special offer price of £5.00
How much did he save compared to the normal prices below?

price table

Q10 Best value

Chantelle wants to buy two pairs of trainers.
Three shops sell the trainers she wants, as shown below

DW ShoesCB SportJoggers
Normally £40

1/5th off
Normally £38

15% off
Normally £43

Buy one pair
get 2nd pair
half price

Calculate which shop is the cheapest for two pairs of trainers


Q11 Fractions and percentage

a) What is 28% as a fraction in its simplest form.

b) In a group of 50 pupils, 21 were girls. What % were boys.

c) Work out  add fractions

d) Work out  fractions percentages


Q12 Algebra

David is y years old.
His wife Jane is 3 years younger.

a) Write down an expression, in terms of y, for Jane's age.

The total age of both David and Jane is 117 years.
b) Write an equation and solve it to find the value of y (David's age).


Q13 Transformation

A square P is shown on the grid below..


a) Enlarge P by scale factor 3, with centre O. Label the new shape Q.

b) Translate square P by translate   Label the new shape R

c) Reflect shape P in the line y = 3. Label the new shape S


Q14 Stem and Leaf

A teacher recorded the test marks out of 50 for 19 students in her class.

34   31  29   17   16   25   45   21   17   33
40   24   32   29   44   17   21   33   29

a) Draw an ordered stem and leaf diagram to show this information. Include a key.

stem leaf

b) What was median mark

c) What was the range of marks


Q15 Number calculations

15. Given that

 543 × 21 = 11403

find the value of

a) 54.3 × 2.1

b) 0.543 × 0.21

c) 1140.3 ÷ 543


Q16 Graph co-ordinates

Look at the points shown on the graph.

a) What are the coordinates of point C.

b) What are the coordinates of point D.

c) A line is draw between points C and D. What are the co-ordinates of the the mid-point of the line CD.


Q17 Algebra

Work out P using the information below:

P = 6q – 3r
q = 7 and r = – 2

If P = 24 and r = 2, what is q


Q18 Regular shape angles

A regular shape has an angle marked y as shown

regular shape

a) Why is it called a regular

b) Write down the name of the regular shape.

c) Calculate the size of the external angle y


Q19 Ratio

Josh measured 3 pieces of wood - Oak, Pine and Teak.
Altogether they were 63cm long.
The Oak piece was twice as long as the Pine piece.
The Teak piece was three times as long as the Oak piece.

How long was each piece of wood


Q20 Money calculation

Self-employed people can claim expenses for car travel.
Use the rule below to work out how much can be claimed for car travel

Claim = £0.45 × number of miles

a) Stuart drove 220 miles
How much can he claim for 220 miles.
Give your answer in pounds and pence.

b) Laura claimed £141.75 for petrol.
How many miles did she travel.


Q21 Two way table, probability

The two way table shows information about 50 students and which sport they prefer

  Boys GirlsTotal
Swimming 11   28
Gymnastics     8
Athletics 8 6  
Total   28 50

a) Complete the two-way table.

One student is picked at random

b) What is the probability that this student prefers swimming

c) A girl was picked. What is the probability she prefers gymnastics


Q22 Algebra

a) Factorise: 14a + 7

b) Expand y (y – 5)

c) Expand and simplify (5x – 2)( x + 3)


Q23 Angles

Line A is parallel to line B
Two lines diagonally cross lines A and B


a) What is the size of the angle marked y

b) What is the size of the angle marked x


Q24 Straight line graph

Poppy had an internet business selling socks. She starts by charging £5.00 for each pair plus postage of £3 for each order.

a) Complete the table below

Pairs socks
in an order
Total cost £8  £18  

b) Get some graph paper and for x = 0 to 10, plot the equation  y=5x+3

In a special offer, Poppy reduced the price for a pair of socks to £4, but increased postage to £6. On the same graph plot the equation for this special offer.

c) Look at the two graphs to compare both offers and work out for how many pairs of socks they charge the same.