Key Stage 3 Maths - what's new from 2015

The new KS3 Maths syllabus includes material from the old GCSE in 2015

KS3 Maths - new topics
  • Distinguish between exact representations of roots and their decimal approximations
  • Interpret and compare numbers in standard form A × 10n, 1 ≤ A < 10, where n is a positive or negative integer or zero
  • Calculate possible rounding/estimating errors expressed using inequality notation a < x ≤b
  • Appreciate the infinite nature of the set of integers, real and rational numbers
  • Find approximate solutions to problems from a variety of functions including piecewise linear, exponential and reciprocal graphs
  • Recognise geometric sequences
  • Direct and indirect proportion including graphical and algebraic representations
  • Use trig ratios in similar triangles to solve problems involving right-angled triangles
  • Interpret mathematical relationships both algebraically and geometrically
  • Venn diagrams in probability
What's covered in each year

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