KS3, 3-5, CA online mock 1

Q1 - Rounding

Look at the table. Round each numbers to the nearest hundred. The first one is done for you.

NumberNearest 100NumberNearest 100
542500 670 
590  615 
535  649 

A number rounded to the nearest ten is 720

b) What could the number be.

c) What other number could it be.


Q2 Faces on a shape

Look at this object. prism faces

a) How many rectangular faces does it have.

The object is cut horizontally.
Here is the shape of the new object.

truncated prism

b) How many rectangular faces does it have

c) What is the name of the other two faces?


Q3 Number-line

Here are three different number lines.
Show the position of 24 by drawing an arrow on each one.
The first one is done for you.


Q4 Directions

A map shows Henry's house at H and Poppy's house at P.


The directions to get from H to P is:

Come out of house H and turn right.
Then take the second road on the left.
Take the next right turn and house P is on the left.

What are the directions to get from P to H.


Q5 Convert money words to numbers

Write the numbers given in figures. The first one is done for you.

Twenty six pounds forty seven pence£26.47  
One hundred and ten pounds and two pence
Two hundred and sixty pounds and twenty pence


Q6 Two way table

A museum is open at the following times

tweo way table

a) At what time does the museum open on Wednesdays in May

b) For how many months is the museum closed at weekends

c) You arrive at the museum on a Friday in December at 1pm and stay until closing time. How many hours do you stay at the museum?


Q7 Calculations

Do the following calculations:

a) 783 + 1567

b) 783 × 1567

c) 1567 – 783


Q8 Calculations

Some boys were asked if they preferred football or rugby.
They said 'Football', 'Rugby' or Can't decide'.


What percentage of people said 'Can't decide'


Q9 Probability

Look at the four number cards below.


Imagine you take one card at random.
Match each statement to the probability scale. One is done for you.

probability scale

Q10 Using a Rule

Here's a rule used to work out a personal magic number

Subtract the person's age in years from 50,
then divide the result by 2

a) Laura's age is 12 years old.
Use the rule to work out her magic number.

b) Raj's magic number is 18.
Use the rule to work out his age.


Q11 Shapes

Look at the shaded shapes drawn on the grid..


Where do A, B and C fit in in the table below. D has been done.

 2 sides equal3 sides equal4 sides equal
Has 3 sidesD
Has 4 sides
> 4 sides


Q12 Money Calculation

David bought some coloured paperclips.

a) 10 coloured paperclips costs 46p.
He bought 25 of the same coloured paperclips. How much does he pay?

b) Rubbers cost 68p each.
How many of these rubbers can David buy with £4?


Q13 Reading a scale
reading scale

a) What is the reading on the dial on the left.

b) Mark the right dial to a reading of 12.5

On the scale, 100 mph is about the same as 160km/h

c) What are the missing numbers on the scale


Q14 Pictogram

In a survey, 27 pupils were asked:

Do you like mathemetics?

9 pupils said 'Don't know'
12 pupils said 'Yes'
Complete the key and the rows for Yes and No in the pictogram.


Q15 Weight conversion

A conversion scale shows kilograms(kg) and the same in gram(g)
Use the scale to find the missing values in the table. The first one is done for you.

kilograms and grams

Q16 Area triangle

Look at the triangles drawn on a square grid.


a) Jess says:

Area of B is twice the area of A

Is she correct? Explain your answer.

b) Matty says:

Perimeter of B is twice the perimeter of A

Is he correct? Explain your answer.


Q17a Calculation

Jane had some chocolate buttons each 2.5 cm wide and a ¼ metre wide cake.


How many buttons can she put in a row across the cake.


Q17b Calculation

Jane ate a piece of cake as shown.

cake slices

How many more slices, like that shown, can she cut from her cake?


Q18 Algebra

Match each statement to the correct expression. The first one is done for you.


Q19 Money Calculation

Martin works as a metal worker. The shaded squares in the diagram below show which hours he worked in a week.

How much will he get paid for the week?


Q20 Area

Look at the shapes drawn on the centimetre square grid.

shaded area

Work out the shaded area to 1 decimal place


Q21 Algebra-solve

a) Look at the equation.

x + 7 = 15

Use it to work out the value of x – 7

b) Look at the equation

y + 7 = 9

Use it to work out the value of y – 7


Q22a Symmetry

The left half of a shape is shown below.

Copy the shape and shade in the right half to make it symmetrical along the dotted line.


Q22b Symmetry

Look at the quarter of a shape shown below

Copy the shape and shade in the rest to make it symmetrical along the dotted lines.


Q23 Word Algebra

Matt, Jane and Paul each own a car. Look at the information about the ages of their cars.

Matt's car is M years old.
Jane's car is 3 years younger than Matt's.
Paul's car is five times as old as Jane's.

Write an expression for each car's age.
The first one is given.

Matt's car's age :   M
Jane's car's age :    ?
Paul's car's age :    ?


Q24 Prime numbers

a) How many prime numbers are there between 10 and 25?

b) The sum of two prime numbers is 24. What are the two prime numbers

c) The product of two prime numbers is 91. What are the prime numbers?


Q25 Area triangle

Look at the triangle and rectangle below.

triangle areaNot drawn accurately

Rectangle height = 2.5cm ; base = 4cm.
Triangle base = 5cm
Area of triangle = Area of rectangle.
Work out the height of the triangle.


Q26 Formula

Temperature can be measured in degrees Centigrade (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

To convert °C to °F use the following rule.

Multiply the amount in Centigrade by 1.8
Then add 32

Work out what 70°C is in Fahrenheit