KS3, 3-5, NC online mock 1

Q1 - Using operator symbols

Three symbols are shown below.


Add the two symbols which make this calculation correct

Do it again with two symbols to make a different correct calculation


Q2 Table data

The table shows some of the snacks eaten at two schools

a) Which snack is most popular in East School?

b) How many more yoghurts than pizza were eaten in North school


Q2b Table data

The pie chart shows data for East school. table data

a) Match the numbers with the missing snacks on the pie chart.One is done for you

b) Why is a snack missing from the pie chart.


Q3 Metric/imperial units volume

Complete the sentences below.

The volume of a bucket of water is about 2 ...... or 10 ........

A bucket's diameter is about 1 ..... or 30 .......


Q4 Number - British coins

You paid £4 in a shop for some sweets.

a) For each coin, show the different ways of paying £4. The first way is done for you.

b) You have five coins. The coins add up to two pounds. Which five coins do you have


Q5 Bar Chart

The bar chart shows the number of pupils in class A who walk or take the car to school

bes walk

In class B:
Twice as many pupils walk to school as in class A.
Half as many pupils take the Car as in class A.

How high will the two bars be for class B.


Q6 Naming angles and symmetry.

Look at the shaded shape on the square grid

Mark true or false for each statement below.

The shape has two lines of symmetry  
The shape has one right angle  
The shape has two acute angles  
The shape is a diamond  


Q7 Calculations with year dates

a) Jane was born in 1956. In what year was her 50th birthday?

b) Matthew was 35 in 2016. In what year was he born?

c) Kathleen was 70 in 1985. In what year was she 50?


Q8 Calculations

a) 1715 + 156 =

b) 765 – 82 =

c) 57 × 9 =

d) 231 ÷ 7 =


Q9 Number line

Use the number line to work out the following.


a) –6 + 2 =

b)  3 – 4 =

c) –3 + 5 =


Q10 Two way table

In a game, two dice were thrown.

Six people took part in the game and the scores for each die are shown above.
Each letter shows the two scores for each person.

a) Who (which letter) threw a 4 on Die 2

b) How many people threw a total score of 6 or more on both dice?

c) Who (which letter) threw the highest TOTAL score on both dice


Q11 Missing number calculation

a) Fill in the missing numbers in the boxes below.

a) 700 × answer 1 = 70000

b) 0.7 × answer 1 = 70


Q12 Missing digits

Look at the calculation below.
What are the missing digits in the boxes.

digits calculation

Q13 Symmetry

On the square grids below, some squares are shaded to make a pattern

a) How many lines of symmetry does the shaded shape below have?

b) Copy the square grid below and draw all the lines of symmetry.


Q13b Symmetry

Copy the square grid below and shade three squares to make a pattern with only two lines of symmetry


Q14a Multiples and factors

Cyril thinks of the number 16. For each question below, pick Yes or No.

Is it an even number?  
Is it a multiple of 4?  
Is it a factor of 36?  


Q14b Multiples, factors, primes

Sylvia picks a number between 2 and 20. Look at the information about her number.

Is it an even number? 
Is it a multiple of 5? 
A prime number? 

What is her number?


Q15 Clock face angles

Look at the clock showing a time of 3 o'clock.
The long hand (pointer) points at 12 and the small hand (pointer) points at 3.

clock time

a) How many degrees are there between the two hands of the clock?

b) If the large hand moves by 180 degrees clockwise what will the time be


Q16 Bar Chart

The table shows the lowest temperatures over six months in a city

a) What was the difference in temperature between December and September.

b) In which month was the temperature 19°C higher than December


Q17 Making a sum

Write two numbers that add up to 20.

One of the numbers must be positive.
The other number must be negative.


Q18 Multiply/divide decimals

Work out:

a) 1.4 × 7

b) 1.4 ÷ 7


Q19 Multiply two, two digit numbers

Tiles are packed in boxes.

box times

Each box has 24 tiles. There are 45 boxes.

How many tiles are there in total


Q20 Reading a line graph

A shop sold mobile phones. The number of phones sold each day in a week is shown.

table data

a) What was the least number of mobiles sold in one day?

b) How many were sold on Wednesday

c) What was the range of the number of mobiles sold during the week?


Q21 Algebra

Write numbers in the boxes to make the statements true.

algebra 1
algebra substitution
algebra divide

Q22 Algebra-solve

Find the values of x

a) 5x – 9 = 26

b) 29 + 2x = 9


Q23 3-D shapes

Each shape below is made from ten cubes.
Look at this shape.

Which two of the shapes below are the same


Q24 Mean and Median

Look at these three numbers.

a) What is the mean of these 3 numbers

b) What is the median of these 3 numbers

Four numbers have a mean of 12 and a median of 12, but none of the numbers is 12

c) What could the four numbers be?


Q25 Mid-point of a line

Look at the rectangle drawn on the graph.

graph line center

Point C is the centre of the rectangle
What are the coordinates of point C?