Creative Flexibility - Left & Right Brain Preferences


1. Which of these three subjects do you most enjoy??


2. Do you take part in contests and competitions?

Seldom or never
Most of the time

3. The TV has broken down and there is half an hour before you go to bed. Would you sooner pass the time by:

Painting or drawing
Reading a book
Playing with Lego?

4. When given directions to an unfamiliar location do you usually:

Visualise the route described and take no notes
Sketch a map
Rely mainly on written notes

5. When talking to people do you emphasise your points with gestures

Almost always
Seldom or Never

6. If you guess the time, after not having looked at your watch for several hours are you usually:

Out by more than 15 minutes
Accurate to within 15 minutes
Accurate to within 5 minutes

7. Hold a pencil upright, at arms length and line it up with a straight edge such as a door.
Close your left eye and notice whether the pencil moves. Now close your right eye. Did the pencil move MOST when

You closed your left eye
You closed your right eye

8. Do you remember faces easily


9. Do you express yourself well verbally?


10. In a conversation are you more comfortable being the :


11. At school did you prefer


12. Do you prefer social events that are:

Planned in advance

13. When it comes to bending the rules, do you feel that

Rules should be followed
Progress comes through challenging the structure
Rules are made to be broken

14. After attending a musical can you:

Hum many parts of the score
Recall many of the lyrics

15. I am:

Not very conscious of body language:
I prefer to listen to what is said
Good at interpreting body language
Good at understanding what people say and also their body language

16. Sit in a relaxed position and clasp your fingers in your lap. Which thumb is on top?

The right thumb
They are parallel
The left thumb

17. Do you rely on intuition and follow your hunches

Now and then
Seldom or never

18. Which handwriting positions do you use

Normal right-hand position
Hooked right hand position (fingers pointing towards your chest)
Normal left handed position
Hooked left-hand position (fingers pointing towards your chest)

19. Have you ever experienced motion sickness when traveling in a car, bus or fairground ride?


20. Can you read while traveling in a car without nausea or vomiting?


21. Glance quickly at this picture

Was the face smiling

22. In terms of your energy level are you:

Day person
Night person