Creative Mental workouts 1

Can you solve these mental workouts? Some need lateral thinking - solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.

mental workout

A rich old Arab has three sons. When he died, he willed his 17 camels to the sons, to be divided as follows:

1st Son to get 1/2 of the camels, 2nd Son to get 1/3rd of the camels, 3rd Son to get 1/9th of the camels.

The sons are trying to figure out how this can possibly be done, when a very old wise man goes riding by. They stop him and ask him to help them solve their problem. Without hesitation he divides the camels properly and continues riding on his way.

How did he do it?


An explorer named Marco wants to cross an Australian desert on foot. The track takes six days. However, one man can only take enough food to last him four days.

Fortunately, Marco can hire porters to help him.

Each porter cost £100 per day that he is away from the village.

What is the least possible cost to Marco of hiring enough porters so that he can cross the desert and the porters can return home safely?



You are in a mountain bike race that is 1 mile up hill and 1 mile back down.

If you do the uphill leg at 30 mph, how fast do you have to ride back down the hill in order to average 60 mph for the race?


Write down the letters shown below on a sheet of paper.


The object is to cross out nine letters in such a way that the remaining letters spell a single word.


red man

Everything Mr Red owns is red.

He lives in a red bungalow and his chairs are red, his tables are red.

His ceiling, walls and floor are all red.

All of this clothes are red, his shoes are red, even his carpet, television and phone are red.

What colour are his stairs?


A man has a fox, a chicken and some grain to sell.

He has to cross a river, and his boat is just big enough to carry him and one of the other three.

But he's got a problem. If he leaves the fox and the chicken, the fox eats the chicken.

Or if he leaves the chicken and the grain, the chicken eats the grain.

How does the man get the fox, the chicken and the grain to the other side of the river?


You have to boil a single egg for exactly nine minutes.

All you have are two sand egg timers.

One can measure in sand, seven minutes and the other four minutes, respectively.

How can you boil the perfect egg using only these two egg timers?


A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year.

But they were not twins.

How can this be?

A man comes in out of the storm, gets undressed and puts on his pyjamas.

He has a wash, brushes his teeth, turns off the light and goes to bed.

In the morning he is responsible for a disaster. How come?


Two old men played five games of chess.

Each won the same number of games and lost the same number of games.

There were no draws in any of the games.

How could this be so?


It was a warm, sunny day and Mum Jane, decided to take three-year-old Sally to the park.

When they arrived Jane spread a blanket on the ground and watched as Sally played in the grass nearby.

Suddenly a large dog charged across the field straight towards Sally.

Instead of panicking, Jane just watched, apparently unconcerned. Why?


The Police knew a bank robber named John was in a building. However, they had no idea what he looked like.

They storm the building and find an electrician, hairdresser, plumber and builder all playing cards.

Without asking anything they immediately arrest the hairdresser?

How did they know he was the robber?

How would you rearrange the letters in the words "new door" to make one word?

Note: There is only one correct answer.