English - Learning to read with phonics

When we see a letter we change it to a sound using the lips, tongue, nose, throat, etc.

For example, the letter p is pronounced with the lips; t is pronounced with the front of the tongue; h pronounced in the throat

Schools use a system called Phonics to teach children to read quickly and skilfully. It teaches how to:

The smallest unit of sound that you can hear in a word is called a Phoneme.
There are 44 phonemes each shown like this: /p/

A letter or group of letters which represent the sound in writing is called a Grapheme.

Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence or GPC

In 'plain english' this means how a particular letter sounds.

Make the sound for letters in this order:

Set 1 - s  a  t  p
Set 2 - i  n  m  d
Set 3 - g  o  c  k
Set 4 - ck  e  u  r
Set 5 - h  b  f  ff  l  ll  s  ss


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