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A few testimonials ...

Dear David, I have dyscalculia and have been revising for the QTS test for over 30 consecutive days now ... It was scheduled for the 21st April, but I had to reschedule, because I got really ill and I still don't quite reach the magic 63%. Last time I did test 1, I got to 57 %. I'm getting more and more frustrated. I have bought the numeracy ready course and worked through all of that, I'm using the book, I bought another provider's tests, which I find super hard and most of all, I get frustrated, because non of this stuff seems to directly relate to the real thing and the department of education only provides those 4 practise tests. Long story short: The new test is scheduled for the 23rd May, and I really want to pass first time, because anything else will just make me even more nervous. I'm finding it hard to determine on my own what I need to work on and have troubles spotting things sometimes. The biggest challenge is the mental arithmetic section. Although my house mate helps me, I think a one to one session with you would be beneficial. M, London

4th May 2017: We had one, two hour lesson.

5th May: After going through yesterday's notes and videos, I just scored 71% in practise test 2! That's the highest I ever scored. Let's hope it'll last!

23rd May: I passed. First time; despite the fire alarm going off!

Hi David Hi David, I just wanted to let you know that I passed this morning - phew!! Thank you so much for all your help
Annie, May 2017

Hi David Thank you for wishing me well in my QTS tests. I took both of my tests today and passed first time !
I found buying the package of mental maths on your website extremely helpful and I would like to thank you for that. The booklet really helped me to get my head around working things out and I was confident going into my test ! I have recommended you to a few friends too !
Jenny, April 2017

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my maths test today, so happy can now start my pgce. Thank you so much for all your help.
Lemar, Sept 2016

I had been struggling with the QTS numeracy test for a while and had failed twice. I decided to seek tuition in an attempt to hopefully pass at my third attempt. After booking just two hours with David and downloading his arithmetic pack, I thankfully passed my skills test! I only wished i could have found him sooner. David not only explained the key methods, fast tricks and tips - he was friendly, easy to learn from and very understanding. I couldn't recommend him enough! Kind regards
Nicole, Sept 2016

Hi David Just to let you know that I finally passed my test. Thank you for your advice regarding anxiety and stress techniques to be mindful of to get me through the test. Kind regards
Caroline, Sept 2016

Jane (named changed) said I am currently studying for the numeracy qts , and not doing well! I have a tutor online and they have helped me with the mental arithmetic, which I am doing ok with
It is the calculator section I am really stuck on and ending up in tears every time I attempt it. I am being told to just practice, practice and do lots of papers and questions. But this leaves me in a mess. I am unable to see what the question is asking me. I come a cropper in every question, because even if I think I know what to do, there is always some aspect I have not seen or understood. When I find out the answer, I still don't understand. Most of the time I just sit there in despair as I simply don't know what to do. Then I try my best and low and behold I am wrong again!
I have my test booked for the 6th September. I am not expecting to pass first time, because that would be too amazing, but I want to use the time I have between now and then purposefully so I can give it my best shot. I am spending the majority of the day everyday studying, but not getting anywhere. I just feel that if I had someone to sit with me and coach me in this section, how to approach questions, how to read them, best way to do the maths etc, I could give it my best shot. I don't want to give up but I need help.
Jane had 2 hours of tuition on 24th August, but failed her first test on 6th Sept. by 3 marks. We had another 2 hour session two days later.
On 10th September she messaged: I passed the test today! I have no idea how, I was convinced I failed! Thank you very much for your help.
Jane, September 2016

Lisa said I have recently failed by QTS numeracy for the second time by 1 mark (both times) and am aware that the next time will be the last for two years. I seem to be OK on the mental arithmetic but when it comes to statistics, my mind goes blank, I freeze and end up pressing any button. I have just bought your online packs but I would be really grateful for one to one tuition if at all possible.
Lisa had 2 hours of tuition on 25th August
On 31st August she messaged: Just wanted to let you know that I passed the numeracy test today!! I am so elated and relieved. Thank you so much for all your time, support and advice. It certainly helped going into the test and writing down the fractions and equivalencies as you suggested and the short cuts that you taught me came in handy.
Lisa, Sept 2016

Nicole said 'I am due to start a Primary Education degree in September. I have passed all the necessary requirements apart from Numeracy Test, which I have failed twice. The first time by 7 marks and the second time by 4. I am literally desperate at this point and overwhelmed with anxiety as I have only until 31st August to pass and feeling a little defeated. Do you think you would be able to help me in such a short amount of time?'
Nicole had 2 hours of tuition on 25th August
On 3rd September she messaged: I just wanted to let you know that I passed my qts numeracy about an hour ago! Thank you so much for your sessions and advice!!!
Nicole, Sept 2016

Hi David, Thank you so much for your e-mail but I was actually going to make you aware that I eventually passed the numeracy test !! (: I just read your book then practiced, practiced, practiced using all your tricks and it paid off! I couldn't be happier right now and it is really thanks to all your efforts put into this pack. MERCI !
Rose-Marie, August 2016

Hi David, Just to let you know I passed my skills test today,thank you for all the help you've given me over these past few weeks.
Abbie, August 2016

Hi David, Thanks for the email, good news I passed the numeracy test at the first attempt. Thought your videos and PDF were really helpful. Cheers,
Tim, July 2016

Hi David, Just wanted to let you know I passed!! Absolutely thrilled! Thank you so so much for all your help. All the best,
Tess, July 2016
(it was Tess's 2nd go after failing her first test by by 12 marks. She had 4 hours of coaching)

Yippee I passed this morning..!! I was so calm and just went for it... All your trick's you showed me really helped. So once again thanks so much for your help and positive chat yesterday when I phoned in a panic.
Gemma, July 2016

I was down to my last attempt on my maths test after missing out by one mark on my second try. There were questions in the mental maths section that I couldn't work out in time and it became very stressful and frustrating. David taught me some fantastic methods to help me answer much quicker which made me feel so much more confident. I travelled two hours to see David and it was well worth the journey. The lessons were extremely good and very enjoyable. I would also highly recommend David's resource packs for practice.
Charlotte, July 2016

Hi David, I'm over the moon, I can't believe it I actually passed the blinking thing!
Gabby, July 2016

Dear David, I have just passed the skills test and I would like to thank you for your hard work and fantastic resources. You really do make maths easy and I felt I could pass this test everyday of the year!!!
I came to David a month ago only achieving 30-40% on online practices and using other resources, however David's tuition and resources pack made the difference, absolutely brilliant! Highly recommend!! Thanks for your great help,
Shaid, July 2016

Just came across your website and wondered if there's anything that you can do to help at this stage. The first time my daughter Jennifer sat the test she failed by one mark. She took it again on Saturday and failed it by four marks, but there were IT issues at the test centre so we appealed.
At this stage an element of despondency and anxiety is clouding things. Realistically is there any help or support that you could provide?
Jenny bought both packs and passed ... "David's two online packs are excellent with timed questions in test style and worked examples that not only show how the answer is arrived at, but show shortcut calculations to save time, all in an easy to follow manner. David is calm, reassuring and very professional; just what you need in what can be, for many, a highly stressful and challenging time. Passed 2nd time, yippee!"
Jenny, July 2016

YAY :) I PASSED So so relived. I actually thought I'd failed. The wait for results felt like a lifetime, I was so nervous, it was either burst into tears or hope I could somehow melt into the chair and forget all about this QTS numeracy test. I'd much rather be chased by a hungry dinosaur than the thought of ever having to re-take.
Thank you so much for your help and advice, I struggled with the second section and your stats pack helped I went through it so many times. My actual test today was really tricky and I really thought I failed. Yippe David :D
Zohal, June 2016

Hi David, Very happy!!!!! I passed!!! Which also means that I secured my first teaching job in London starting in September! Over the moon :) Thanks very much for your help, and I will be definitely recommending your pack to others needing to pass the test! Thanks again,
Alicia, June 2016

My daughter has always found maths a struggle and after failing the first QTS numeracy was very despondent. David's thoughtful and encouraging tuition gave her such a boost in confidence that today she passed and cleared a huge hurdle for her. We cannot thank him enough for his support and would recommend him to any would be teachers finding this test a problem. Thank you so much.
Leona, June 2016

Hi David
Just emailing you to let you know that I passed! Really grateful for your help on Tuesday. Thank you,
Frankie, June 2016

Hi David
I passed my numeracy test first time. Many thanks for your advice. Kind regards,
Nadia, June 2016

Hey David
Just wanted to let you know that I passed my QTS numeracy exam today... I am absolutely over the moon!!! Everything we covered in our two sessions came up including some of the tables and graphs you sent me and I was able to actually enjoy the experience including the mental arithmetic section which I had feared for so long... Huge huge thanks for all your help advice and support Really am very grateful to you for unleashing my inner maths child!!! Thank you thank you thank you
Hewi, May 2016

Thanks so much David!!

Guess what! I only went and passed 1st time!!? Can you believe it??! Thank you so much for the encouragement, words of wisdom, top tips and your general calm and caring approach. Who would have believed that a few weeks ago, when i made that initial phone call to you and averaging 50 pc online that I'd be sending you this email today!? I have already recommended you to friends, even prior to passing today, and will continue to do so. You've been fab!

I really couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to your lovely wife too for the endless cups of tea and snacks to keep me going. I did have to say "yippee" quite a few times to myself during the test, but that and half a bottle of rescue remedy seemed to do the trick! ??

Thanks again, One very happy customer
Laura, April 2016

Hello David, This is just to inform you that I passed my test yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help.
Nana, April 2016

Hello David, I PASSED my maths skills test last week, so happy as it was my last chance. Thank you for giving me the confidence to 'tackle' maths problems and believe in myself. Just the English skills test to pass and I'm all ready for my ITT in Sept 16.
(this was Paula's last go having failed her my second QTS Maths skills test by 3 marks and first 8 marks)
Paula, April 2016

Hey David I passed first time , I just took a risk and booked it.
Ruth, February 2016

Dear David, I would like to thank you so much for your tutoring and advice ... because it helped me so much.. I did it ! I passed my maths qts test!
I am so grateful for your help and I'm glad I found you! I have never taken up tutoring before but I totally recommend it. Many thanks
Natalie, Jan 2016

I passed with flying colours - thanks to your tricks & shortcuts which won the day!!
Ben, Dec 2015

Hi David I passed my numeracy test this morning. I am delighted! Thank you for tutoring me. Kind regards
Charlotte, Dec 2015

Hi David, I passed my numeracy test a few weeks ago and thought I'd let you know. The packs for the test helped me a lot, particularly the mental arithmetic one. The numeracy test was the only thing standing in my way of getting into teaching, but thanks to your packs I'm starting my course next week! Thank you so much!
Nicola, September 2015

Thanks for your email David - I found your materials really useful thank you. My test was last Thursday and I passed : ) Wishing you all the best
Louise, August 2015

Hi David, I took the numeracy skills test earlier this week, but despite your amazing material, I failed my last test. Thank you for everything, Karen, August 2015

Hi David, I would like to inform you that I have finally passed the Numeracy Skills today. Thank you so much for your valuable resources for revision and believing in me. Kind Regards
Shazia, West London, August 2015

Good morning David I PASSED. Thanks very much for the support. I am more than grateful. I was very lucky to have seen your details online or else I would fail it again. Thanks very much for all the ideas, tips, techniques and suggestions I picked up from the tuition
GANIYU, Wakefield, August 2015 (3rd timers)

Hi David, I passed my Qts! The Qts support and practice questions you offer has really helped me and gave me the confidence to pass! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you to others revising for their Qts Thanks again
Ruth, August 2015

Hi David. Despite several tricky questions, missing a few mental ones and even needing the toilet in the middle due to nerves (and actually being allowed to go), I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!
I genuinely thought I'd failed as I'd run out of time and had to guess a couple due to my time running out, however, your tricks really helped speed things up. Area also actually came up! As did speed distance time.

I don't quite know what to do with myself now as this has been a year of being told I didn't have to retake, retaking, failing, barred, appealing and having it lifted... and hard, hard study. You were fantastic and your kind words of encouragement really gave me the boost I needed.
Heather, Twickenham, August 2015
(Heather had tuition previously, but didn't feel he was fully QTS test knowledgeable and he overwhelmed her due to her Dyslexia.)

I saw David face to face for 2 hours and he taught me things that meant I passed third time. I'd practically given up hope but I learnt some fast tricks and he reinstalled my confidence.
Alice, Suffolk, August 2015

Hi David, Thank you very much for your time on Friday morning. I sat my third and final test today and passed! It was really hard, most of the questions seemed to be focussed on my weaknesses and I ended up running out of time and guessing slightly on the last few questions! I was very surprised that I passed!
Deborah, August 2015, (failed first by one mark, second by five)

Just to let you know I bought your pack yesterday and had my test today at 2pm and passed! It was my final attempt so I was so relieved! Thank you so much.
Beth, August 2015

Hi David Thought I'd let you know that I PASSED! Thank you so much for your help, I wouldn't have been able to do it with out you. Thank you again!
Chloe, Leicester, August 2015
and from mum ...

Hello David Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Chloe, you really did make the difference. It was so heart breaking watching all her hard work in the last 2 years going down the drain. She really enjoyed coming to Toddington to meet you. Kind regards
Louise, August 2015

Dear David, I just wanted to get in touch to thank you, because I passed my numeracy skills test yesterday! I'm extremely glad that I invested in the QTS numeracy package, it really did help me understand some of the more complicated questions and the methods which you used to answer the questions really did come in handy in the actual test. I think it helped boost my confidence even during the test, because I knew how to answer it, thanks to you! The numeracy skills test is incredibly important, as you know already, and the practice tests helped me prepare and successfully complete the test, which I needed to pass to get closer to my dream career, which is to become a teacher. I'm glad that I also purchased the on-screen test package too, because some of the questions that came up on the test were the same and the booklet was even better as I was able to use some of the short-cuts.The short-cuts are really important, especially for the mental maths section! So, yes, I feel like a huge burden is now off my shoulders, and I want to thank you for the resources you have created for people to become able and confident enough to pass the numeracy skills test. Thanks, again! Khadiza, August 2015

Hi David , Unfortunately Lydia failed by 1 mark - typed in 12/3 instead of 1/3 in one question due to finger trouble computer keys shucks. (this was her 3rd attempt)
Re the Plan B, Lydia has now been accepted to read Law LLB at Manchester Law School as she did well with her A levels, so all is well.
Lydia & dad Martin, Beverley, S Yorks, August 2015

Got my result back on Friday and I passed!!! Your advice was great and there were two Percentage increase questions! Thank you so much ,I am looking forward to my career and I hope you have a great Summer. (Lewis travelled from Edinburgh for 2 x 2 hour sessions) Lewis, Edinburgh, August 2015

Dear David I downloaded your mental maths pack for my 19 year old daughter taking the QTS Numeracy Test. Your notes and examples were so helpful, can't tell you what a difference they made. She passed first time. Thanks again
Alison, July 2015

Alex said ... I had my second attempt on the maths qts test and I failed by 2 marks. (1st attempt failed by 3 marks). I would really like to book a 2 hr slot with you, to work on short cuts to mental arithmatic and also reading data. I feel my nerves get the better of me. I'm going to purchase your other material too.

We arranged to have two sessions of two hours each, then she emailed ... Just wanted to let you know that I passed! I'm over the moon. Thank you for all your time, I can honestly say I couldn't of done it with out you. I had two questions on volume, and loads of tables of data that was ready to go to graphs, but the things we covered made me totally at ease with them! Mental arithmetic was really just fractions, time and percentages and I only had one decimal question! (Which I aced - thanks for the re-cap).
Alex, Leicester, July 2015

Chris said ... I have been looking at your website and was wondering if you could help me with my QTS Numeracy. I failed it for the second time this week and am concerned that I may lose my PGCE place this September at the Middlesex - each time I have only failed by only 1/2 points. We arranged to have a two hour session, then he emailed ....
I moved my test back a couple of weeks just to make sure I felt 100% ready for it. I passed and would like to thank you for your help preparing me for it.
Chris, Flitwick, July 2015

Hi David I am delighted to let you know that I passed my numeracy test yesterday afternoon! Thank you for helping me along the way. It was only after your tuition that I gained real confidence and insight of how to approach the test and I was very happy with our session.
Ben, London, July 2015

Jenny said: I have been waiting for two years to retake the test as I failed by 1 mark on my final attempt for the skills test. I have dyslexia so have been awarded extra time. I struggle mostly with the conversion, money and time questions.
We arranged three hours of lessons.
One month later she wrote: Hi David, Just to let you know that I passed yaaaaay. Thank you for everything.
Jenny, South London, July 2015

David thank you for your tuition for my wife Claire who passed on her last attempt. She would not have done it if it was not for your excellent skills. (Claire travelled from Louth, Lincolnshire for two, two hour sessions, staying overnight locally)
Rob, Louth, July 2015

Hi David, Just to let you know I passed my Qts numeracy so shall be going to Leeds in September. I travelled down with my mum from Chester and stayed at the travel lodge at Toddington last Easter but decided to concentrate on my A levels first and continued to practice the numeracy. I took the test last week and was confident and knew I had passed. Thank you so much for your help
Javea, Chester, July 2015

Hi David I passed my test! Thanks so much for the tuition.
Tara, Leicester, July 2015

Dear David Just to let you know, it was actually my daughter doing the numeracy skills test and she passed on her third attempt today! We are very relieved!! She said that your booklet and tests were very helpful - thank you very much.
Sarah, July 2015

Hello David, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the numeracy skills test earlier today. I decided after our sessions that I was as ready as I was ever going to be. Thank you for your guidance and support. It really made a marked difference in my confidence.
Charlotte, July 2015

Chloe missed her first two test by two marks each. We arranged a two hour session and she travelled down from Sheffield.
A week later she wrote:
Hi David, Hope you are well, I just wanted to let you know I PASSED!! I just want to thank you so much for all your help, I really couldn't have done it without our tutorial. I used so many of the hints and shortcuts you taught me, I'm sure they were the difference between me passing and failing. Now I can look forward to planning my move to Newcastle to do my PGCE in September! Thanks again
Chloe, July 2015

Amy made a six hour round trip (from Norwich) to visit me on her last attempt.
She said: "It was more than worth it because you just seemed to have these magical techniques that made everything suddenly click into place and made the questions so much easier to answer than at first glance.
You were a patient and understanding teacher - who not only helped by introducing fab mathematical techniques but also gave top tips on how to deal with exam stress, which really helped! I know that you were such a massive, massive, help in my success! I don't think I could have done it without your expertise - and the downloadable packs which were far better than the government tests online.  Thank you"
Amy, Norwich, June 2015

Hi there she passed !!!! Thanks for your resources
Altaf, May 2015

Hi David, I passed by the way. Your tutorials were really good. Thanks,
Janine, April 2015

Hi David, Just to let you know the good news! I passed!!! Thankyou so much for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you! You gave me so much confidence in my ability to succeed with the test. Thanks again, :)
Emily, April 2015 (1st:3 marks off, 2nd:7 marks off, then contacted me for coaching)

Dear David, Thank you so much for producing your mental arithmetic short-cuts guide and practice mental arithmetic tests. I passed my QTS numeracy test at the first attempt today. I was quite good at maths when I was at school but that was 26 years ago as I am changing careers from being a Solicitor for the last 15 years to being an English teacher.
Although I have had to use some maths in my legal career, I used a calculator, so my mental arithmetic skills had become extremely rusty. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have passed the numeracy test without your help and I would recommend your guides to anyone taking the QTS numeracy test. I think £9.99 is an absolute bargain for a new career! It was particularly important for me to pass the numeracy test in order to secure my new teaching job because, having recently been made redundant, I would otherwise be unemployed. I therefore can't thank you enough for your valuable assistance.
Karl, April 2015

Hi David, I passed my Maths QTS test today! Thank you for all of your help! Kind Regards
Alice, April 2015

I passed! I passed! Thank you! Regards
Olivia, April 2015
(with 3 hours of tuition)

Hi David Just wanted to let you know that I passed my numeracy skills test today. Thank you for your resources pack it was very useful and helpful. Thanks again.
Laura Hall, April 2015

Hi David It's Natasha here -I came over to yours for maths tuition a month or so ago. Just to let you know that I passed my maths test today! Thank you very much for your help :)
Natasha, April 2015

Hi David Just to let you know I passed my maths qts test today!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to go ahead this time. Amanda, March 2015
(she failed first attempt by 5 marks and contacted me for lessons. She missed her second attempt by 1 mark, then passed on the third attempt. Phew!)

Hi David I took my test yesterday .... I PASSED!!! I Thank God and of course you! Your material that I stumbled across online helped tremendously. Many Thanks!
Linore, March 2015

Hi David Good News! I passed my QTS Numeracy Test today. Your materials worked well for me! Thanks a lot, Best Wishes
Ashwini, March 2015

Hi David I hope you are well. Just to let you know that I passed! Thanks for all your help. Regards,
Susan, March 2015

Hi David bought both your revision packs in December 2014 and I took my Numeracy test today and passed first time! I found your packs so so helpful, as all the information I needed was in them, and I was able I work through them in a logical manner without feeling overwhelmed. The techniques for mental maths were especially helpful, as that is something I have struggled with in the past.
Thanks again, Shona, January 2015