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Year 10 science

A single science GCSE with six modules: biology (B1,B2), chemistry (C1,C2), physics (P1,P2) and an assessment.

GCSE Science change from A* to G → 9-1

GCSE Science is changing for year 10's from September 2016, examined in June 2018. Details here.

Core Science past papers

Date Found:B1 C1 P1 Higher:B1 C1 P1 Found:B2 C2 P2 Higher:B2 C2 P2
Jun 2015
Jun 2014
Jun 2013
Jan 2013
Jun 2012
Jan 2012    

Controlled assessment

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Revision lists for science

Each science is broken down into a series of topics to make revision easier.

Module Biology Chemistry Physics

Year 10 GCSE science

Topic Covers
B1: Understanding Organisms
Fitness and health
Human health and diet
Staying healthy
The nervous system
Drugs and you
Staying in balance
Controlling plant growth
Variation and inheritance
P1: Energy for the Home
Heating Houses
Keeping Homes Warm
A spectrum of waves
Light and lasers
Cooking and communicating
using waves
Data transmission
Wireless signals
Stable Earth
C1: Carbon Chemistry
Making crude oil useful
Using carbon fuels
Clean air
Making polymers
Designer polymers
Cooking and food additives
Paints and pigments
B2:Understanding Our Environment
Energy flow
Natural selection
Population and pollution
P2: Living for the Future
Collecting energy from the Sun
Generating electricity
Global warming
Fuels for power
Nuclear radiations
Exploring our Solar System
Threats to Earth
The Big Bang
C2: Chemical resources
The structure of the Earth
Construction materials
Metals and alloys
Making cars
Manufacturing chemicals: making ammonia
Acids and bases
Fertilisers and crop yields
Chemicals from the sea: the chemistry of sodium chloride

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