GCSE Triple Science - OCR

Year 10 Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Nine modules: biology (B1 to B3), chemistry (C1 to C3), physics (P1 to P3) and an assessment.

GCSE Science change from A* to G → 9-1

GCSE Science is changing for year 10's from September 2016, examined in June 2018. Details here.

Triple Science past papers

Date F:B1-B3 H:B1-B3 F:C1-C3 H:C1-C3 F:P1-P3 H:P1-P3
Jun 2014
Jun 2013
Jan 2013
June 2012

Triple Science module content

Unit Code Title Duration Weighting Total Mark
year 10
Science B Biology
modules B1, B2, B3
1 ¼ hour35%75
B741Science B Chemistry
modules C1, C2, C3
1 ¼ hours35%75
B751Science B Physics
modules P1, P2, P3
1 ¼ hours35%75
year 11
Science B Biology
modules B4, B5, B6
1 ¼ hour40%85
B742Science B Chemistry
modules C4, C5, C6
1 ¼ hours40%85
B752Science B Physics
modules P4, P5, P6
1 ¼ hours40%85
B733Science B Biology - controlled assessment 1 ¼ hour25%48
B743Science B Chemistry - controlled assessment 1 ¼ hours25%48
B753Science B Physics - controlled assessment 1 ¼ hours25%48