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As the 2020 A level maths exam approach, students and teachers alike are looking for the best resources. Since the...

Maths Made Easy Team 23 February 2020
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As the 2020 A level maths exam approach, students and teachers alike are looking for the best resources. Since the new A level maths specification was introduced, there have only been 2 sets of A level maths papers released, as last years exams are under lock and key still, this means there is only the 2018 A level maths papers available for students to use as revision. Because schools use exam questions throughout the year for homework and practise in class, there really isn’t any mock exams that students can sit to test and monitor progress as well as highlight gaps in knowledge. This is why MME came up with our 2020 A level maths predicted papers, which are relevant to all major exam boards. 

The MME A level maths papers are an excellent way to access exam style questions in an exam format. Everyone knows how valuable past paper practise is when revising for exams, and when there isn’t enough papers to go at then alternatives must be found! In addition to our paper, we also recommend that students look at the legacy past papers as these are still very useful, but a word of caution, not all questions are relevant, so it is important you pick out those that are. Another worthy note is that the new A level exams are quite different in style in comparison to the old papers, with students ability to apply knowledge being tested much more frequently. The old questions are useful for brushing up on topic areas that are still in the spec, but in most cases you will need to see a broader array of question types to help you prepare effectively. Using exam questions from other exam boards is sometimes a good way of helping with this. In addition you may also find the MME A level maths revision cards useful in giving additional question practise by topic. We also provide free downlaodable worksheets that cover many areas of the new spec. These can be accessed directly from our A level maths revision page.

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