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Introduction At MME we are really proud to support Candlelighters in their mission to fight child cancer. Candlelighters provides vital...

Maths Made Easy Team 22 July 2021


At MME we are really proud to support Candlelighters in their mission to fight child cancer. Candlelighters provides vital support to families impacted by children’s cancer through a range of interventions. From offering emotional and financial support to helping fund research, efforts are focused on making a real difference to families whilst improving outcomes for children living with and recovering from cancer. 

Visit the ‘What We Do‘ page on the Candlelighters website for more information about the amazing work they do. 

How MME are helping

At MME we are getting involved with a number of activities to raise money and awareness for this great cause. From taking part in the Total Warrior and Tough Mudder like events, to donating money from revision card sales, we are doing what we can to help. With our revision card sales, 50p of every pack that is sold is donated directly to the charity. Whether the cards are purchased on the MME site or other platforms such as Amazon, it all helps with the donations. 

In addition to donations we are also raising awareness for the charity so that more people get involved. As part of our Total Warrior event, every member of the team wore the all pink Candlelighters t-shirts which drew lots of positive attention. We are also showcasing the charity in different areas of the MME website to help inform people about the exceptional work they do. Help MME to help Candlelighters fight children’s cancer. 


The Target

The target we are aiming to raise for the charity is £5000 in a 12 month period and we are already over half way in less than 2 months! This is an amazing effort and we are proud of and thankful to everyone who is getting involved including all of the MME staff who are getting behind the charity. If you would like to help the cause then please feel free to visit our dedicated enthuse page and donate (like just giving but the charity keeps all of the funds!)


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