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Looking for a Tutor? You can FIND A TUTOR via our tutor search. All tuition enquiries should be made through this system, contact forms are available for tutors in your area.

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Do you have a suggestion about what you would like to see on the Maths Made Easy platform? Maybe there is a topic or worksheet you would like to see, if so get in touch and we will review your suggestion. You never know you might just see it appear on the site.

Have you seen an error on the website? Due to the volume of free resources added to the platform errors are occasionally introduced. We try our best to minimise these but with the sheer volume of content we add it is inevitable. If you spot an error or a button that doesn’t work properly then please tell us about it. We are always looking to improve. 

At Maths Made Easy we look to respond to all emails within 24 hours but this isn’t always possible so if you have sent an email please give us 3 working days to respond before following up on this.



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