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Level 3 Maths

Level 3 maths is a qualification that was introduced in 2016 with first exams in 2018. As a result there is a lack of core maths resources out there which is why we have created this dedicated page.

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About Level 3 Maths

Level 3 maths aims to help bridge the gap between GCSE maths and maths covered in other areas of education. More and more schools and colleges are opting into level 3 maths and encouraging students to take it, especially those who are taking an A level which requires mathematical skills.

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Core Maths Revision Resources

The following list of topics can be revised using our GCSE Maths worksheets and online practice tests. You will also see selection of quick link buttons to help you quickly find the resource type you are looking for.

LevelTopic Name
Level 3-5Areas of Shapes
Level 3-5Bearings
Level 1-3Bidmas/Bodmas
Level 5Compound Growth and Decay
Level 3-5Congruent Shapes
Level 3-5Conversions
Level 3-5Data Sampling and Questionnaires
Level 3-5Density Mass Volume
Level 4-7Direct and Inverse Proportion
Level 3-5Distance-Time Graphs
Level 1-4Drawing Straight Line Graphs
Level 1-3Estimating
Level 1-5Factorising (Foundation)
Level 5-7Factorising Quadratics
Level 4-7Fractions and Recurring Decimals
Level 1-4Fractions Grades 1-4
Level 3-5Frequency Tables
Level 3-5Geometry Problems Foundation
Level 5-7Gradients of Graphs
Level 1-4Gradients of Straight Line Graphs
Level 3-5Inequalities On a Number Line and Solving Inequalities
Level 3-5Interior and Exterior Angles
Level 3-5Loci and Construction
Level 3-5Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Level 1-3Multiplying and Dividing
Level 1-5Multiplying Out Single and Double Brackets
Level 5-7Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Level 1-5Percentages
Level 5 -7Plotting Quadratic and Harder Graphs
Level 4-5Powers and Roots
Level 3-5Pressure Force Area
Level 1-3Prime Factors LCM HCF
Level 3-8Probability and Tree Diagrams
Level 3-5Projections, Plans and Elevations
Level 5-9Proof
Level 5-9
Level 3-5Pythagoras
Level 3-8Ratios
Level 5-6Rearranging Formulas
Level 1-3Rounding Numbers
Level 5-7Rules of Indices
Level 3-5Scatter Graphs
Level 1-5Sequences and Nth Term (Linear)
Level 5-8Sets and Venn Diagrams
Level 5-9Simultaneous Equations
Level 1-5Solving Equations (Foundation)
Level 3-5Speed Distance Time
Level 3-5Standard Form
Level 3-5Surface Area
Level 3-6Transformations
Level 3-5Volumes of 3Ds
Level 4-5y=mx+c

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