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At MME we strive to provide the very best online content and as well as physical resource products. We have...

Maths Made Easy Team 21 April 2020
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At MME we strive to provide the very best online content and as well as physical resource products. We have recently added to our plethora of resources with our very own English revision cards. We have two sets, one for KS3 and our best selling GCSE English revision cards. At MME we keep pushing forward with the development of new content and new ideas to help all of our dedicated website users. The following description will tell you a little more about what has gone into making our English revision cards

When making any resource we look to work with the very best people to ensure that we get the very best resource. For maths this is easy as we have an in house team of tutors, teachers and examiners that work together to produce our content, but it was a little trickier for English as this isn’t an area we are as familiar with. That said, we found an excellent team of English content developers with tutoring, teaching and examining experience to help us build the English revision cards. The team of content developers worked with our designers to ensure the finished cards were as good as all the other resources we have on the MME platform. From a content perspective the flash cards are in line with what we always offer, very high quality content, designed in a way that makes it easily accessible to children of many ages and abilities. The English cards are focused on covering key concepts that lay the foundations of everything else that is then covered in KS3 and later at GCSE. The main focus is language features, helping students to identify when, why and how they are used. From explanations of tone and imagery to sound effects and sibilance, the MME revision cards cover a wide range of language features that will help students with GCSE English Literature as well as Language. 

You can view our English flash cards via the links below: 

GCSE English Revision Cards

KS3 English Revision Cards

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