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Have a lesson with one of our expert tutors. If you are not happy with the lesson or you feel that you or your child didn't connect with the tutor, then simply let us know and we will provide a full refund for your first lesson.

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98% of parents and students say ‘Excellent’.

Liam Morrison

The online tuition was what we were hoping for. A lesson with an experienced teacher, delivered one on one, as close to the real thing as you can get in terms of a tutor actually being in the home. We have booked more lessons and hope the progress continues. thanks

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Mrs Kelly

Thank you for arranging the maths tuition with Amy. The lessons have been going well and the feedback we have has has given us a real insight into how George is actually performing in his GCSE work. We hope to continue with this once schools go back and continue making excellent progress. Thanks again.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Charlie S

Really impressed with the input from my tutor whilst studying A level maths. I have missed a lot of school this last term and the online lessons haven't been very good so gaps have appeared in my knowledge. Since the start of the tuition lessons a few weeks back, we have filled the gaps and are now moving onto new content ahead of school. Thank you so much for setting this up, happy to leave a review.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Mr Zhang

We highly recommend online maths tuition from Maths Made Easy. Our son has made more progress in the last few weeks than his entire school year.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Lisa Pope

The support has been unparalleled. I have used numerous tutors in the past and have found there is a wide range of capabilities out there in terms of teaching standards. We have been really impressed with the Maths Made Easy online maths tutor and we are now enquiring about GCSE science tuition as well. Thank you for your help and support.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Barry Shields

Excellent maths tutor, really happy with the online set up.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Polly Matthews

Easy to set up and a professional service.

We were very conscious that there are many uni students and other unqualified tutors all over the internet, often charging what appears to be a great value service; however, if you want a teacher or experienced tutor then you tend to get what you pay for. We tried online group lessons as well as a Uni student and it just didn't work, our son Richard just didn't engage or get out of the lessons what we had hoped. Maths Made Easy have been excellent and great value for money. We highly recommend this tutoring service.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Fiona Lopez

I could not recommend enough. James has been an immense help with our daughter over the past 3 weeks. Her school closed slightly early due to staffing issues and we were quick to set up the online tuition. The input has been greatly appreciated and our daughter has made more progress in the last week than the previous term in school.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Graham Davies

Brilliant service! We emailed in wanting more information as we had never tried online tuition before and the response was straightforward and easy to follow. Within 48 hours we were speaking with Lynne and had set up lessons that week. Lynne has been exceptional and our daughter looks forward to the lessons which we never expected would ever happen.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Christine Ash

I have an in depth call with the mme staff who gave upfront and honest advice about the service they provide. We were set up with a suitable tutor who has exceptional. We would recommend online tuition to anyone who wants support, especially whilst the schools are closed.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Ananya Eshwar

Good quality resources- exam style questions are so useful that even my school teachers use it!

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Mr Shulz

Online maths tuition is now what everyone is signing up to. I was not sure to begin with how this would work. We didn't want recorded videos or a class of kids on a chat room and thankfully it wasn't like that at all. The lessons are being delivered with our daughter and one tutor, over video stream which is live. Our daughter asks questions, gets set work and the teacher works through it with her. This is ideal whilst the kids are off school.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Karen P

Excellent GCSE science tutor and examiner. We were uncertain about online tuition like others have said but it really has been effective and a great alternative during these times of social distancing.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Rita Hardcastle

We asked for a qualified maths teacher and we got one! Really experienced and has helped Sophia to quickly adapt to the online learning environment.

Reviewed: tuition (online)

The online lessons have been amazing. I have learnt loads from my A level maths tutor and would highly recommend anyone who wants to progress to consider online maths tuition.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Joseph Anderson

The online maths tuition was excellent, really professional from the start.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Sally Evans

Thank you for setting me up with James, the online tuition as far surpassed our expectations.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Len Gateshead

We opted for online tuition and pleased we did. The maths teacher is very experienced and knowledgeable and has a lot of exam board experience which is exactly what we were looking for to help work on our daughters exam technique. She is excellent in lessons and with homework but always seems to under perform when it comes to exams until recently when she shone through in her most recent GCSE mock. Thank you so much for your help in setting this up, we will happily recommend the service to others.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Sophie Rees

Jo was very patient and understanding, concentrating on all my weak areas. She helped me build my confidence in maths back up.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
Mindy Black

The maths lessons are going great thank you. Sally has really clicked with Eric and his confidence has improve immensely. We are more than happy to leave a review about your online maths tutors and especially Sally who has been exceptional.

Reviewed: tuition (online)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your maths tutors qualified?

Yes all of our maths tutors are qualified and are experienced tutors. They all have a minimum of a degree in a related discipline and relevant tutoring experience. In many instances our maths tutors are fully qualified teachers who also teach in local schools.

Will I be able to find a tutor in my local area?

Yes, all of our tutors work on a local level and we cover all major cities and most areas of the country.

Is the tuition always one to one?

Yes, we know that one to one tuition usually delivers better results than online tuition or group lessons and therefore this is what we encourage people to go for.

What experience do your tutors have?

All of the tutors that work through us are experienced and have either tutored before or are have professional teaching qualifications and experience of teaching in schools.

Do your tutors travel?

Yes our tutors travel to you to deliver the lessons. Where tutors have a suitable home environment they may also work from home which is sometimes preferable for students who want to be taught away from the distractions of their home environment. Ultimately, you decide what works best and we will get the right tutor to support you.

Do your tutors have DBS checks?

Yes, all of the tutors that deliver tuition through the Maths Made Easy platform have to have a DBS check otherwise we don’t pass students on to them.

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