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Have a lesson with one of our expert tutors. If you are not happy with the lesson or you feel that you or your child didn't connect with the tutor, then simply let us know and we will provide a full refund for your first lesson.

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1 month ago

A tutor was found quickly & he is making a real difference to the the confidence my son has towards his maths work.

Mr Singh
1 month ago

My maths tutor, Garry, has saved my maths career. I've always secretly had a passion for maths but it was hidden under many of the confusing and non-mathematical ideas handed to us by our clueless teachers. Garry uncovered it, and I'm so greatful. Garry has been the most helpful, honest and friendly tutor anyone could ever have. Not only does he have an enormous sense of humour and unique method to teach, he has a passion for maths, and unfortunately, many people have lost that passion. MathsMadeEasy helped me to find my tutor who I see more as a mentor. After completing my GCSE's I could tell my grades for maths skyrocketed and hopefully I would be able to pursue maths in sixth form through A-level Maths, something I hated before Garry came. Although this is not a short review, it's in depth and honest. Thank you, Garry and MathsMadeEasy.

1 month ago

I thought it was great, really helped me. Thanks guys.

2 months ago

Great! Has lots of information and explains clearly and really helps you understand. It has questions at the end to test knowledge as well.

2 months ago

Science tutor was fabulous! Engaging and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. Will use again. Thank you

2 months ago

Victoria helped me move up 3 grades in only a few months for my science mock gcses, and even further for my actual exams. she is always on time and provides access to out of lesson revision such as practice questions and past papers. Hiring Victoria was definitely the best decision I made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your maths tutors qualified?

Yes all of our maths tutors are qualified and are experienced tutors. They all have a minimum of a degree in a related discipline and relevant tutoring experience. In many instances our maths tutors are fully qualified teachers who also teach in local schools.

Will I be able to find a tutor in my local area?

Yes, all of our tutors work on a local level and we cover all major cities and most areas of the country.

Is the tuition always one to one?

Yes, we know that one to one tuition usually delivers better results than online tuition or group lessons and therefore this is what we encourage people to go for.

What experience do your tutors have?

All of the tutors that work through us are experienced and have either tutored before or are have professional teaching qualifications and experience of teaching in schools.

Do your tutors travel?

Yes our tutors travel to you to deliver the lessons. Where tutors have a suitable home environment they may also work from home which is sometimes preferable for students who want to be taught away from the distractions of their home environment. Ultimately, you decide what works best and we will get the right tutor to support you.

Do your tutors have DBS checks?

Yes, all of the tutors that deliver tuition through the Maths Made Easy platform have to have a DBS check otherwise we don’t pass students on to them.

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