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Maths Made Easy provides schools with high quality, authentic maths mock exam papers. If you are looking for maths exam papers, whether it is for a mock test or progress test, then we can help. The problem with using existing past papers as mock tests is that they are widely available online, and students have seen them many times before. Maths Made Easy helps solve this problem.

GCSE Maths Exam Papers - available to buy now!

These cover the AQA, Edxecel, OCR and WJEC exam boards. There are the three mock papers per pack covering the entire GCSE syllabus. The mocks are in the exact same format as the real exam with grade boundaries provided. To request a free sample, ask any questions or to place an order then please get in touch.

Exam Papers
Exam Papers

Exam questions by topic - available to buy now!

These are freely available on the MME site but if you would like a full set printing in an exam style booklet then contact us for a bespoke quote. We can often supply the papers for a similar price as it would cost the school to print them and save your staff time in the process.

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KS2 SATs papers

Authentic KS2 mock papers with realistic questions in the familiar exam style format

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KS3 Mock papers

Maths mock papers to help your child prepare for their end of term or end of year KS3 maths exam.

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A Level Maths Exam Papers

Authentic mock exam papers for the new A level maths specification.

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