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MME supports schools, colleges and students with the very best maths resources which include revision cards, exam papers, revision guides and more! 

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A Level

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers 2022 (Advance Information)

Using the advance information released by AQA and Edexcel, our GCSE Maths Predicted Papers have been specifically tailored to match the topic lists for both exam boards. These papers are essential revision materials ahead of the 2022 exam period.

  • Paper 1, 2, 3 and Mark Schemes Included in Every Set

  • All Original and Exclusive Questions to MME

  • Based on the Information Released in February 2022

  • Papers Designed to Mirror the Real Exams for Both Exam Boards

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A Level Maths – Cards & Paper Bundle

Our A Level maths cards and exam papers have become very popular since the new qualifications were launched back in 2019. Our papers and cards cover all areas of the curriculum including pure, statistics and mechanics. 

  • Over 160 A Level Maths Revision Cards

  • Practice Questions, Answers and Methodologies on Every Card

  • Exam Papers in Exam Format

  • Mark Schemes Provided

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A Level Transition Cards

Our A level Transition Cards are great for those students wanting to get a head start for A level maths, or for students wanting to refresh some of the topics covered early on in A level maths.

  • Transition between GCSE and A level maths

  • Grade 8 and 9 GCSE maths topics covered!

  • A level topics introduced!

  • Explanations, examples and practice questions!

  • Over 60 cards in a pack!

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GCSE Maths Revision Guide

The GCSE Maths Revision Guide is an all inclusive book, containing detailed explanations, worked example questions and exam style questions for every GCSE Maths topic. The guide covers topics relevant to all exam boards, with higher and foundation versions available.

  • Rated Highly by Schools, Tutors and GCSE Examinars

  • Relevant for AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC

  • Higher and Foundation Versions

  • Separate Answer Booklet Provided for the Numerous Practice and Exam Questions

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GCSE Maths Revision Cards

MME’s GCSE Maths Revision Cards contain all the topics in the curriculum for all the main exam boards including, AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. Every card explains a specific topic area, with practice questions accompanied on the back.

  • Higher and Foundation Cards Available

  • Practice Questions and Answers

  • More Than 80 Revision Cards for Foundation and Over 90 Revision Cards for Higher

  • Topics for all Exam Boards Included

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Level 9 GCSE Maths Papers 2022 (Advance Information)

MME’s Level 9 GCSE Maths Papers contain challenging questions based on the advance information released in February 2022. They are an ideal revision material for students aiming for a high grade in GCSE Maths. Created by GCSE Maths examiners and tutors, the questions included in the paper will be of similar difficulty to the last few questions of the real exam.

  • Level 9 Questions Only

  • Questions Based on the Released Topic List for the 2022 Exam Period

  • Look Like the Real Exam

  • Detailed Mark Schemes Included

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KS3 Maths Exam Papers

The KS3 Maths exams are designed to match the UK curriculum and are used by schools all over England and Wales to test the current level of each student and to highlight topic areas they need to work on. Additionally, these exam papers can be used to help set students moving into KS4. 

  • All KS3 Maths Topics Covered

  • Printed in Exam Book Format

  • Mark Schemes Provided for Teachers

  • Designed Using the UK Curriculum

  • Ideal for Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 - End of Term and End of Year Exams

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