Tuition Agencies

Are you wondering how you can advertise your tutoring agency?

Are you looking to secure more students in your local area?

Whether you are a single tutor with your own website or an established tuition agency Maths Made Easy will consider working with you.

Advertise your Tuition Agency
Advertise your tuition agency on the Maths Made Easy platform and receive tuition requests in your local area.
Get Paid
You take payment directly you decide how you get paid and what you charge.
Access to
Find exceptional Maths, English and Science resources on the Maths Made Easy platform. If you ever pay fees this is what they are used for!
get more lessons
We advertise nationwide to help tuition agencies like yours receive more tuition requests
Opening Hours
Advertise what hour your tuition agency is open and the hours your tutors work.
More Leads
Parents will submit a tuition request which you will receive so that you can contact them directly to arrange a suitable tutor.

How it works

Advertise your tuition services for FREE

Display what subjects your tutors offer, when they tutor and where they tutor to ensure you get the most relevant tuition requests.

Get notified when you receive a tuition request

A parent or student will submit a tuition request in your area, or may even look to contact your tuition agency directly. Their contact details will be sent to your designated email address so that you can contact them to help them find a suitable tutor.

Get notified when you receive a tuition request

You select a tutor or agency and submit a contact form. With an individual Maths tutor you can see who you are getting instantly whereas the advantage of a tuition agency is that they find the most suitable tutor for you and help to organise the lessons.

Help your tutors with access to thousands of free resources.

Encourage your tutors to use Maths Made Easy to help them find resources for their lessons and homework. They can also sign up for free to our revision centre to get added features that will further help them to deliver the very best tuition.

Grow Your Tutoring business with Maths Made Easy

With more tuition requests in your local area and access to exceptional resources, you have everything you need to help grow your tutoring business.

Only pay fees when you deliver lessons

You always pay the tutor directly at the rate agreed on a lesson by lesson basis. This means we do not store your card or bank details and you have peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you advertise tuition agencies on your platform?
Yes, Maths Made Easy is one of the only platforms to offer advertising opportunities for tuition agencies. You can advertise your tuition agency for free and receive tuition requests for free; all we ask is that you recommend our resources to your tutors and students.
Do you offer other marketing opportunities for tutoring companies?
There are premium advertising opportunities which will guarantee you more tuition requests; there is a cost associated with this, to find out more contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements in your specific location.
Can our tutor use your resources as part of their lessons?
Yes we encourage tutors and students to use our free resources. They are exceptional and can be really useful when designing a lesson plan or setting homework.
How do we receive more tuition requests in our local area?
You can look to work with Maths Made East in your area as part of our premium advertising packages. Contact us directly for more information about the opportunities in your local area.
How does it work?
You submit an application by clicking the button below and completing the sign up form. We review your application within 3 days and you could be advertising your tuition agency the very same day. Once you are signed up, students can contact you to set up tuition.