Free Functional Skills level 2 Course

Free Functional Skills Courses  There are free functional skills courses that learners can access to help them prepare for the...

Maths Made Easy Team 25 June 2021
Free Functional Skills level 2 Course

Free Functional Skills Courses 

There are free functional skills courses that learners can access to help them prepare for the level 2 maths and English qualifications that are considered as GCSE equivalents. At MME we help people to get free functional skills maths level 2 courses. The following article will explain how you can get free functional skills level 2 course access, but if you simply want to sign up now then follow the link below. 


Free Functional Skills Maths Course

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Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

Functional skills maths level 2 is one of the most popular qualifications taken by adult learners and school leavers as well as some school aged children. This is because it is a GCSE equivalent qualification that can be used to gain access into University courses and it also enhances employment chances. The level 2 qualification is also essential for the completion of apprenticeship schemes, so all in all, there are hundreds of thousands of learners taking this exam every year. You can sign up to the leading free level 2 maths course below. This comes with an invaluable pre-assessment which will highlight all of the key areas you need to work on. 

Free functional skills level 2 course 


Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course

At MME we have a free functional skills English level 2 online course that learners can access. The course covers the fundamentals of the level 2 exam including: grammar, punctuation, spelling and comprehension practice. The level 2 English qualification is composed of 3 parts which included both the reading and writing exams as well as the SLC. We do have additional support for the speaking, listening and communicating (SLC) component part of the qualification as well as the reading and writing aspects. In order to register for our free course you need to complete the form on the following page.

Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course 


Online Exams 

As well as level 2 courses we also offer the lowest cost online functional skills exams. Rather than attending a 12 month college course which most adult learners are not eligible for, a faster more affordable option is to book the exam yourself as a private candidate. You can do this through MME and we guarantee to be the lowest cost online exam provider and all of our exams are Ofqual regulated. You can see the details of the different exams below. 

  1. Online functional skills maths level 2 exam
  2. Level 2 functional skills English exam
  3. Maths and English level 2 exams


Help and Support

MME is here to help with all things functional skills related, whether it is a free level 2 course you are looking for, or an online exam. 

Call us today on 020 3633 5145 for more information. 

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