Maths Made Easy | FAQ's


Does Maths Made Easy make resources and have tutors for other subjects or is it just Maths?

Yes we have Science resources at every level and our English resources are expanding as well but primarily focus on KS1 and KS2.


How do you make sure you provide the best tutors?

Unlike other national agencies, we individually assess every tutor. We also have restrictions on who can join our team, so just because they have a degree doesn’t mean they can be one of our tutors; they have to have relevant experience and excellent references.


Are your GCSE Maths revision materials suitable for the new specification?

Absolutely, not only do our GCSE Maths revision worksheets and resources cover the new topics such as functions and iterative methods but they have also been designed to reflect the new question types which have appeared in last year’s exam and the specimen papers.


How do I book a Maths tutor?

You simply use our search , find a tutor in your area that is suited to what you are looking for and then fill in the form. That tutor will then contact you within 48 hours to arrange the first lesson.


Why are most of your revision materials free to use?

Because we believe that students should have access to excellent revision materials to help with Maths and Science from KS2 up to A Level and at Maths Made Easy it is our mission to get all of these materials into one place.


Can I book a GCSE Maths tutor in London?

Yes you can book a GCSE Maths tutor in most major areas of the country. We have plenty of Maths tutors in London who can help you overcome any of the challenges with the new GCSE Maths specification.