Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Help

09th February 2019

Functional skills maths level 2 is the most popular equivalent GCSE maths qualification to be taken by adults and school leavers. Functional skills maths level 2 is tricky and is suppose to be the equivalent to GCSE maths with one key difference in that the questions are all contextualised around real life situations which makes the maths for transferable to real life and means people tend to understand it better. There are a number of functional skills maths resources out there but Maths Made Easy is the only place where you can access functional skills maths level 2 past papers for all exam boards. Through our dedicated service you can find the best functional skills maths revision materials and course notes to help you to work through the course and prepare for the exam. In addition to the resource support we also have specialist one to one tuition. Our functional skills maths tuition is delivered by experienced and qualified maths tutors who have helped many people to pass this exam. 

Functional skills maths level 2 is an essential qualification for anyone who hasn’t got their GCSE maths, simply because it can enable you to progress on to higher education as well as other training courses. Additionally, many employers now look for a level 4 in GCSE maths or a level 2 functional skills maths qualification in order to demonstrate competency in maths which is required for many jobs. If you needs to obtain a functional skills maths level 2 qualification then contact Maths Made Easy today and we will be happy to help.