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Functional Skills Past Papers

Functional Skills Past Papers for English and Maths. Access all of the functional skills practice papers and mark schemes for both Maths and English for all major exam boards. Whether you are sitting the Edexcel functional skills maths levels 2 or the AQA English functional skills test, the past papers are a great way to improve exam technique and identify gaps in your knowledge.

Functional Skills Maths Tutors

At Maths Made Easy we help many adults and school leavers to obtain their functional skills maths level 2 qualifications via our dedicated service and our functional skills tutors.

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The functional skills past papers are a great way to help you revise for your maths and English functional skills tests. The following links will help you to access all of functional skills past papers and mark schemes:

Functional Skills Past Paper Questions

Yes, you can access all of the functional skills past papers via this dedicated page.

You can purchase functional skills past papers which we will post out to you. These are new functional skills exam papers not the past papers that are freely available on the site.

Yes, we have expert English and maths functional skills tutors who can provide you with specialist one to one tuition and help you to work through each of the papers as well as provide additional resources.

Yes, all of the functional skills past papers have corresponding mark schemes to make it easy for students and tutors to mark each exam paper.

This is a great question. We believe that the functional skills past papers should be used sparingly to help identify gaps in knowledge and work on exam technique. If you are sitting the exam papers like mock tests to see how you are progressing then make sure you mark each paper, learn from the mistakes before moving on to the next exam.

The pass mark varies from paper to paper. Please contact us to get the specific pass mark for a paper you are doing.

Functional Skills Maths Past Papers

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