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GCSE Biology – Organ Systems and Disease

Cells, tissues, organs to organ system is the classic organisation of plants and animals that you need to know for your GCSE Biology exam. In this section of the course you will also look at the structure and function of blood vessels and how the human digestive system works. You will also need to know about specific organs and structures in the body such as the brain and eye. The final part of the GCSE Biology specification that this page covers is disease with a focus on heart disease and cancer.

Organ Systems and Disease Revision

What are the components of the blood that I need to know about?

– You need to know about blood plasma, white and red blood cells and about how the blood clots.

What do I need to know about blood vessels?

– You need to know the structure and function of capillaries, arteries and veins.

What parts are there to the human digestive system?

– Food is taken in through the mouth, down the oesophagus and into the stomach. From here it passes into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed and then into the large intestine where water is absorbed. The waste is then stored in the rectum before passing out of the body through the anus.

What causes cancer?

– There are many different types of cancer with many different causes. What you do need to know for your GCSE Biology exam is what lifestyle factors increase the risk of cancer such as smoking and alcohol and a poor diet.

What parts of a plant do I need to know about?

– You need to understand how plant cells are arrange into tissues and then into organs before creating the two organ systems, the root and the shoot system.

What do I need to know about the brain for my GCSE Biology exam?

– You need to know about the functions of three key areas of the brain; cerebral cortex, cerebellum and the medulla.

I do combined GCSE Science, do I need to know about the eye?

– No, but if you do triple Science, then you will need to know that the eye. You need to know how the eye adapts to bright and dim light, including how the structures like the retina respond and the role of the optic nerve.

Where Next?

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Cell Organisation Organ Systems and Disease

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AQA OCR Edexcel
Cell Organisation
AQA OCR Edexcel
Coronary Heart Disease
AQA OCR Edexcel
Health Issues
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Human Digestive System
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Lifestyle and Cancer
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Plant Tissues and Organ Systems
AQA OCR Edexcel
The Brain
AQA OCR Edexcel
The Eye
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