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GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards


GCSE Chemistry revision cards are the perfect revision tool to help You improve your grade.

  • AQA GCSE Chemistry Flashcards
  • Higher and Foundation Tiers Covered
  • All Major Topics Covered
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AQA GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards Coming Soon!

MME are making the very best GCSE Chemistry revision cards. Every card is packed full of questions and answers, with every major GCSE Chemistry topic covered. Flash cards are a great way to revise and identify gaps in your knowledge and the MME cards really help you to do that. 

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Exam Question on Every Chemistry Flash Card!

Our GCSE Chemistry flash cards are unique as they are the first set of revision cards to provide practice with questions that mimic real exam questions. Every card contains one exam style question that not only tests your knowledge but also helps you to practise your application of that knowledge into different scenarios. The cards also contain graphs, tables and data based questions as these will make up a significant part of the GCSE Chemistry exam. 

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GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Chemistry Revision Cards are answered here.

Our GCSE Chemistry flash cards are relevant to the AQA exam board. 

Yes you can see all of our science revision cards on our main page. 

We cover all the topics in the AQA GCSE Chemistry specification, from the periodic table to mole calculations and everything else.  

This is a great question but a difficult one to answer. Different people use revision cards in different ways all of which can be useful. Some effective methods we have heard of include splitting the cards into two piles of topics you know and topics you don’t. You can also use the exam style question on each card to see if you are prepared for you test. The first 5 questions are a really good way to determine whether you have gaps in your knowledge as these are all knowledge based questions that don’t require too much application. 

Yes you can visit our MME revision card page to see our full selection but also our maths revision card page to see our best selling packs! 

All of the answers are on the reverse of the cards so you can quickly determine whether you got the right answer. If you need more practice on a particular topic you can always visit the MME GCSE Chemistry revision page. 

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