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GCSE Equivalency Tests

GCSE Equivalency tests are now more common than ever with the GCSE exams becoming more difficult and the fact that having a GCSE to grade C or level 4 is now mandatory for all universities and further education routes. Whether it is the English, Science or maths equivalency tests near me that you are searching for, we can help.

We provide the following support for the GCSE Equivalency tests:
  • GCSE Equivalency test booking
  • Tuition in Maths, English and Science.
  • GCSE Equivalency test papers
  • GCSE Equivalency test example questions and resources.

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GCSE Equivalency Tests Online

Many people resit their GCSE exams at College or 6th form but the national pass rates for this are appalling with 9 out of 10 people failing their resit. Therefore, more and more people are required to pass an English, maths or Science equivalency test in order to further their career. This is not only true for those who don't have a GCSE but if you studied abroad or can't provide proof of your original GCSE qualifications then you may be required to sit an equivalency test if you want to become a teacher or pursue another profession. At Maths Made Easy we have specialist tutors who can support you through the English, Science and Maths Equivalency tests as well as GCSE equivalency test past papers to help you revise.

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GCSE Equivalency for Degree Qualification

The GCSE equivalents are prominent for universities with teacher training courses and many universities have their own equivalency tests that you will have to pass in order to get on their course, if you don’t already have your GCSE maths and English to the required level. As well as university providers, there are external providers of English and maths equivalency tests, with qualifications that are recognised by most universities. It is essential that you confirm with your further education provider which GCSE equivalency test you need to pass to ensure you sit the tests with the correct providers. Once you know this then we can help you to book your GCSE equivalency test.

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GCSE Equivalency Test FAQs

Not necessarily, most universities now accept these equivalency tests in place of GCSE maths and English. You can see a full list of universities that accept external equivalency test qualifications

The following document details the topics that appear in the maths equivalency test. Please note that each university may have a variation of this specification so please check with the university directly to get their topic list if you are sitting the test directly through them.

The short answer is yes, as there are fewer topics to cover and generally more people pass the equivalency tests in comparison to those resitting their GCSE maths.

Yes, please see our resource list below for both the maths equivalency and English equivalency tests.

Yes, we have GCSE Equivalency tests online as well as GCSE equivalency tests past papers for our students to use.

No, most universities require a minimum of a level 4 in maths and English, so you have the choice of taking an equivalency test or resitting your GCSE maths.

The following PDF outlines what is covered in the English equivalency test. However, please make sure you check with your university directly to ensure you cover the right specification for their test.

Yes we have specialist GCSE equivalency tutors who help people that really struggle with maths and English to pass these tests.

Yes we have GCSE equivalency past papers for all of our students. Get in touch to access a full list of GCSE equivalency test papers and packages.

Yes you can book into a local GCSE equivalency testing centre via the Maths Made Easy booking system.

GCSE Equivalency Practice Papers

GCSE Maths Equivalency Practice Papers

  • Authentic GCSE Maths Predicted Papers
  • Modeled on the real exam papers
  • Higher and foundations papers available
  • All exam boards e.g. AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC.

GCSE English Equivalency Test

If you are required to sit a GCSE English equivalency test and you require some support, then you are in the right place. We have English equivalency test example questions, past papers, tuition support and test booking. The GCSE English equivalency test can often be one of the last hurdles for people who want to become a trainee teacher. Many of the initial teacher training providers accept a GCSE equivalency test pass instead of a GCSE grade C or level 4. Before sitting an equivalency test we strongly advise that people speak with their training provider or University to ensure they are happy to accept this qualification.

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GCSE Science Equivalency Test

If you are required to pass either a GCSE Science or Biology equivalency test then we are able to help. We help people with their Science equivalency test in several ways. Our expert tutors will provide you with the course content, equivalency test examples, past papers and will even help you to book your Science equivalency test in the testing centre that is closest to you.

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GCSE Maths Predicted Papers

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers

(93 Reviews) £4.99

GCSE Maths Equivalency Revision

Topic Name
Areas of Shapes
Compound Growth and Decay
Congruent Shapes
Data Sampling and Questionnaires
Density Mass Volume
Direct and Inverse Proportion
Distance-Time Graphs
Drawing Straight Line Graphs
Factorising (Foundation)
Factorising Quadratics
Fractions and Recurring Decimals
Fractions Grades 1-4
Frequency Tables
Geometry Problems Foundation
Gradients of Graphs
Gradients of Straight Line Graphs
Inequalities On a Number Line and Solving Inequalities
Interior and Exterior Angles
Loci and Construction
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Multiplying and Dividing
Multiplying Out Single and Double Brackets
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Plotting Quadratic and Harder Graphs
Powers and Roots
Pressure Force Area
Prime Factors LCM HCF
Probability and Tree Diagrams
Projections, Plans and Elevations
Rearranging Formulas
Rounding Numbers
Rules of Indices
Scatter Graphs
Sequences and Nth Term (Linear)
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Simultaneous Equations
Solving Equations (Foundation)
Speed Distance Time
Standard Form
Surface Area
Volumes of 3Ds

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Home Science Curriculum Card Pack: Years  9-11 (Age 13-16)

Home Science Curriculum Card Pack: Years 9-11 (Age 13-16)

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