GCSE Equivalent Qualifications

In order to enter higher education or improve employment chances you need to have a GCSE in maths and English...

Maths Made Easy Team 21 November 2020
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In order to enter higher education or improve employment chances you need to have a GCSE in maths and English or an equivalent qualification. This is why GCSE equivalents are becoming more and more popular.


There are different types of GCSE equivalent qualifications, the two main ones are as follows:


Functional skills maths and English: Functional skills are GCSE equivalents but only at level 2. Functional skills go through 5 levels: entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and finally level 2. It is the final level that is the GCSE equivalent. If you are 19 or under or meet the qualifying criteria you can take a functional skills course in college and this is funded by the government. However for most adults requiring a GCSE equivalent qualification they won’t qualify for the funded route and won’t have the time to commit to the full time college course. In instances like this you can sign up to a functional skills course as an independent learner and take the exam when you are ready.


GCSE Equivalency Tests: These are for prospective teacher trainers who want to gain access onto a course. The GCSE equivalency tests cover maths, English and science and are set by different providers, the most reputable being MME. You can take the equivalency tests at any point during the year.


There are other qualifications that are classed as GCSE equivalents such as NVQ’s and BTECs but the most popular are undoubtedly the functional skills. With all of the different qualifications available you must remember that the full GCSE exams are always the gold standard, although for many they don’t offer the flexibility needed as there are only two exam sittings a year. The other GCSE equivalents are often a better choice for those who require them for a specific course or job requirement as they offer more flexibility and convenience.


At MME we are committed to offering an excellent service for all GCSE equivalent qualifications. Whether you want to book a GCSE maths exam at a local testing centre or an online functional skills exam, we are here to help.

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