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GCSE Maths For Adults

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GCSE Maths For Adults


If you are an adult looking to take your GCSE maths exam or you are looking at what there is to help with GCSE maths for adults, well Maths Made Easy is here to support you. We help adults pass their GCSE maths, whether it is a resit or whether you are taking it for the first time we can provide you with the support you are looking for. The new GCSE maths exams are difficult and obtaining a level 4 is not easy. The national statistics for people resitting GCSE maths or taking GCSE maths as an adult are not good, with 4 out of 5 people not passing. Fortunately at Maths Made Easy we are here to help improve outcomes with the majority of our students passing their GCSE maths exams.

GCSE Maths for Adults

Having a GCSE maths qualification is more important than ever with Universities insisting on a level 4 or C grade equivalent and employers looking for this level in both maths and English. Sitting your GCSE maths as an adult can be quite a daunting task as where do you go to take your exam and how do you get the support you need. Well Maths Made Easy has a dedicated GCSE maths for adult’s service that is a tailored service for those who are no longer in school but still want to obtain their maths GCSE. We can help you to find assessment centres and can provide you with the full course content and one to one support as and when it is needed. If you are and adult looking for support with your GCSE maths then contact us today on

020 3633 5145

Give us a call to get the support you need to help you pass your GCSE maths exam.

Other options, instead of GCSE Maths for Adults

There are other options to consider if you have taken your GCSE maths multiple times or you just don’t want to go down that route. Depending on the purpose of you looking to get the qualification, you may be able to consider alternatives. One alternative to GCSE maths is the maths equivalency test which is accepted by many Universities for things like initial teacher training courses. Other options include functional skills maths which again many employers and Universities accept as a GCSE equivalent. If you are an adult looking to obtain your GCSE maths qualification then get in touch today on

020 3633 5145

GCSE Maths for Adults FAQ’s

I am really bad at maths, can you help me?

Maths, even the basic multiplications and we help them to find methods and ways that make sense and make maths easier to understand.

Do you offer one to one support for my GCSE maths and how much does this cost?

Yes we help many adults with their GCSE maths exams. We charge £30 per session for one of our expert tutors who specialise in helping adults pass their GCSE maths exams. We can also help you in other ways in terms of course materials.

What resources do you have to help me pass my GCSE maths?

We cover the entire GCSE maths syllabus for both higher and lower tier. All of our maths resources are free to access. You can access the resources via the links below.

Higher tier maths resources

Foundation tier maths resources

How do your GCSE maths tutors help?

Our specialist maths tutors are qualified and experienced in helping people from all backgrounds and all abilities to pass their GCSE maths exam. They can help in a number of ways from providing you with a revision structure to helping you with individual questions types and essential methods for different problems. From helping you with the basics of multiplication and division to helping you to understand and apply algebra techniques, the maths tutors will quickly find what areas you need help with and then provide you with the information and methods required to improve these areas of weakness and plug gaps in your knowledge. If required the GCSE maths tutors can take you through your entire GCSE maths course from start to finish, giving you the best possible chances of passing.

I have dyslexia/ dyscalculia can you help me with my GCSE maths?

Yes we have helped many people who struggle with dyslexia and dyscalculia to prepare for and pass their GCSE maths exams.

How do I book a GCSE maths tutor in my area?

Contact us today on 020 3633 5145 and we will arrange a maths tutor for you in your area.

GCSE Maths Formula Sheet

GCSE Maths Formula Sheet


Book an GCSE Maths For Adults Tutor

If you are looking to book a GCSE Maths For Adults tutor, use the contact form to the right and one of our tuition team will contact you in the next 24 hours.

Topic Name
3D Pythagoras and Trigonometry
Algebraic Fractions
Areas of Circles and Circle Segments
Areas of Shapes
Bounds and Truncation
Box Plots
Circle Graphs and Tangents
Circle Theorems
Completing the Square
Compound Growth and Decay
Congruent Shapes
Coordinates and Ratios
Cumulative Frequency
Data Sampling and Questionnaires
Density Mass Volume
Direct and Inverse Proportion
Distance-Time Graphs
Drawing Straight Line Graphs
Factorising (Foundation)
Factorising Harder Quadratics
Factorising Quadratics
Fractions and Recurring Decimals
Fractions Grades 1-4
Frequency Tables
Geometry Problems Foundation
Gradients of Straight Line Graphs
Graph Transformations
Graphical Inequalities
Inequalities On a Number Line and Solving Inequalities
Interior and Exterior Angles
Iterative Methods
Loci and Construction
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Multiplying and Dividing
Multiplying Out Single and Double Brackets
Multiplying Out Triple Brackets
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Plotting Quadratic and Harder Graphs
Powers and Roots
Pressure Force Area
Prime Factors LCM HCF
Probability and Tree Diagrams
Projections, Plans and Elevations
Quadratic Inequalities
Quadratic Sequences
Rearranging Formulas
Rounding Numbers
Rules of Indices
Scatter Graphs
Sequences and Nth Term (Linear)
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Similar Shapes and Enlargements
Simultaneous Equations
Sine and Cosine Rule
Sin, cos and tan Graphs
Solving Equations (Foundation)
Solving Quadratics By Factorisation
Speed Distance Time
Standard Form
Surface Area
The Quadratic Formula
Turning Points of Quadratic Graphs
Velocity-Time Graphs
Volumes of 3D shapes
GCSE Maths Revision Bundle

GCSE Maths Revision Bundle

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  • All major GCSE maths topics covered
  • Practice questions and answers on every topic
  • Higher and foundations bundles available
  • All exam boards e.g. AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC.