GCSE Maths Resits 2019

It is the time of year again when students have received their GCSE maths results and people are therefore thinking...

Maths Made Easy Team 20 August 2019
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It is the time of year again when students have received their GCSE maths results and people are therefore thinking about the Novermber resits. If you are looking to retake your GCSE maths then Maths Made Easy is here to help. We are the leading provider of GCSE maths resit support with a team of dedicated professional tutors who can help you to effectively prepare for and pass your GCSE maths retake

With the GCSE maths resit success nationwide being at all time low, the stats are stacked against people who have taken a GCSE maths exam and not achieved a level 4 or above. The reasons for this are quite obvious in that, 15-16 year old students receive around 5 hours a week of maths, yes those who don’t achieve a level 4 and then go to college on average have less than 3 hours contact time a week to help with their resit. So effectively colleges are saying that those who struggled to pass their maths GCSE with 5 lessons a week have a better chance of passing with 3 lessons a week? This doesn’t make any sense at all and it is one of the main reasons why 80% of people resitting their maths GCSE go on to fail the exam time and time again, being stuck in the system not being able to progress with higher education courses, apprenticeships or employment. At Maths Made Easy we take a different approach by having regular contact time with our students but also providing extensive out of lesson support to ensure students are revising from the right resources and working in a way that will give them the best chance of success in their GCSE maths retake. 

GCSE Maths retake FAQs: 

How do I pass my GCSE maths resit? 

This is the golden question and although there is no guarantee, we know that students revising in the right way with the proper support have a much better chance of passing. Visit our dedicated GCSE Maths retake service page to find out more. 


When can I retake my GCSE maths?

You can retake your GCSE maths exam in November or May, there are only two sittings each year. 


When will I get my GCSE resit results?

The November maths resit results are released on the 16th of January 2020. 


How will MME help me pass my GCSE maths exam?

We have a team of expert maths resit tutors who will help you on a one to one basis and provide you with all the materials to help you prepare effectively for your resit. 


How much does your GCSE Maths resit service cost?

This depends on how much support you need. We charge £30 per lesson and moist students have 1 lesson a week in the lead up to their exam. 


How do I book my GCSE maths retake?

Contact MME and we will help you to book a GCSE maths resit at your closest testing centre. 

For all things relating to GCSE maths resits, contact MME today. 

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