GCSE Maths Revision for 2020 Exams

As the 2020 GCSE maths exams get ever closer, students all over the country are looking for better more effective...

Maths Made Easy Team 28 December 2019
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As the 2020 GCSE maths exams get ever closer, students all over the country are looking for better more effective ways to revise and this short guide is here to help. The first thing you should consider when revising for GCSE maths is what topic areas do I need to work on most and how am I going to identify them. Once you know which areas you need to revise most it is then a case of understanding the methods, whether that be simplifying algebraic fractions or revising trigonometry, before getting stuck into different types of practice questions. The following resources will help you to identify and revise your weaker areas as well as give you exposure to the all important exam style questions. 


1. GCSE Maths revision and resources  – This dedicated GCSE maths revision page has everything you need from worksheets to practice questions to introductions that explain what you need to know. This is the MME super duper GCSE maths revision page which links to our most loved and most used resources. Keep visiting it as you get closer to the exams as more useful resources are being added all the time. 

2. GCSE Maths revision cards – Revision cards make it easy to spot the areas you need to work on whilst giving you instant practice questions to have a go at. A great way to get stuck into your GCSE maths revision. 

3. GCSE Maths predicted papers – The MME predicted maths papers are super useful. There are others out there like the maths genie 2020 predicted papers but these are not proper exam booklets. Take a look at the MME maths mocks and get them delivered to your door to aid in your revision. 

4. GCSE Maths past papers – The past papers are the best known, most used and most useful resource. Having a go at past exam papers enables you to get use to the exam style questions whilst also identifying gaps in your knowledge. The only issue with them is that students use them up too soon as there is only a very limited number for the new GCSE maths 9-1 course. 

The 4 resources outlined above are our top GCSE maths revision picks to help you prepare for the 2020 exams. 

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