Edexcel B iGCSE Maths Past Papers | Mark Schemes

Edexcel B iGCSE Maths Past Papers

If you are looking for Edexcel B iGCSE Maths past papers and mark schemes then you are on the right page. This dedicated Edexcel B iGCSE Maths past papers pages contains all the past paper questions with corresponding mark schemes and exam solutions. Prepare effectively for your GCSE Maths exams by practising plenty of Edexcel B past papers.

Edexcel B iGCSE Maths Past Papers (NEW SPEC)

June 2018

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Edexcel B iGCSE Maths Past Papers Paper 1 (Old Spec)

Edexcel B iGCSE Maths Past Papers Paper 2 (Old Spec)

Edexcel iGCSE mathematics B Exam structure

·Foundation tier (levels 5-1) and Higher tier (levels 9-4), although you can achieve a level 3.

·Paper 1 – 1 hour 30 minutes and 33.33% of the exam.

·Paper 1 has approximately 30 questions.

·Paper 2 – 1 hour 30 minutes and is 66.66% of the exam.

·Paper 2 has approximately 12 questions with many more marks and parts to each question with the back of the paper questions accounting for a considerable amount of the overall marks.

·Unlike Edexcel iGCSE A, the B specification does have matrices, factor theorem, and algebraic division.

iGCSE maths topics covered in both Edexcel iGCSE maths specifications

Topic Name
3D Pythagoras and Trigonometry
Algebraic Fractions
Areas of Circles and Circle Segments
Areas of Shapes
Bounds and Truncation
Box Plots
Circle Graphs and Tangents
Circle Theorems
Completing the Square
Compound Growth and Decay
Congruent Shapes
Coordinates and Ratios
Cumulative Frequency
Data Sampling and Questionnaires
Density Mass Volume
Direct and Inverse Proportion
Distance-Time Graphs
Drawing Straight Line Graphs
Factorising (Foundation)
Factorising Harder Quadratics
Factorising Quadratics
Fractions and Recurring Decimals
Fractions Grades 1-4
Frequency Tables
Geometry Problems Foundation
Gradients of Straight Line Graphs
Graph Transformations
Graphical Inequalities
Inequalities On a Number Line and Solving Inequalities
Interior and Exterior Angles
Iterative Methods
Loci and Construction
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Multiplying and Dividing
Multiplying Out Single and Double Brackets
Multiplying Out Triple Brackets
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Plotting Quadratic and Harder Graphs
Powers and Roots
Pressure Force Area
Prime Factors LCM HCF
Probability and Tree Diagrams
Projections, Plans and Elevations
Quadratic Inequalities
Quadratic Sequences
Real Live Graphs
Rearranging Formulas
Rounding Numbers
Rules of Indices
Scatter Graphs
Sequences and Nth Term (Linear)
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Similar Shapes and Enlargements
Simultaneous Equations
Sine and Cosine Rule
Sin, cos and tan Graphs
Solving Equations (Foundation)
Solving Quadratics By Factorisation
Speed Distance Time
Standard Form
Surface Area
The Quadratic Formula
Turning Points of Quadratic Graphs
Velocity-Time Graphs
Volumes of 3D shapes

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