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GCSE Further Maths

GCSE Further Maths is an additional GCSE subject meant for people who take an active interest in furthering their maths knowledge. The most popular choice of qualification is the AQA further maths GCSE as this is now the most established. The course is also known as the level 2 further maths and covers area of mathematics beyond the GCSE syllabus and starts to introduce A level topics. 

GCSE Further Maths Course Details

The AQA GCSE Further Mathematics course is consists of grades A* – E like the old GCSE grading system and the current A level system. 

The course is most often covered in Year 12, by students who aren’t studying A level maths but may be taking one or more sciences which require mathematical skills that are more advanced than those required at GCSE level. 

Course Content

The further maths GCSE course is divided into two sections, namely Pure Mathematics and Mechanics and Statistics. Topics covered in each section are as follows: 

  • Pure Mathematics Mechanics and Statistics
  • Algebra Linear Motion
  • Matrices Newton’s Laws
  • Trigonometry Equilibrium and Motion
  • Logarithms Moments
  • Differentiation Summarising Data
  • Integration Bivariate Analysis
  • Vectors
  • Probability

Examination and Assessment

The GCSE further maths course does not involve any coursework it is 100% terminal examination. The exams consist of the following papers:

  • Paper 1 Pure Mathematics 50 %
  • Paper 2 Applied Mathematics (Mechanics and Statistics) 50 %

Each paper lasts 2 hours and contains around 12 compulsory questions. 

Advantages of Studying GCSE Further Maths

GCSE Further MathS a prerequisite for studying A-Level Maths at some schools and colleges and it is also mandatory in order to study A level Chemistry or Physics in many secondary education establishments. More and more education providers are asking pupils to study GCSE further maths as it is becoming apparent that doing so gives these students an advantage in the mathematical areas of other subjects such as the aforementioned Sciences, but also Geography and Business studies which look at different types of statistical analysis. 

GCSE further maths also provides an additional mathematical qualification that will enhance career prospects if students decide to move into employment following A level’s without going on to further education. All in all GCSE further maths is a great qualification to have.