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When booking a GSCE Maths tutor in Liverpool there are many questions parents ask. We have collated a list of...

Maths Made Easy Team 16 September 2019
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When booking a GSCE Maths tutor in Liverpool there are many questions parents ask. We have collated a list of frequently asked questions and useful responses to help you select the most appropriate GCSE Maths tutor for your child. 

How do I book a GCSE maths tutor in Liverpool?

Contact Maths Made Easy and we will do the hard work for you. We will listen to you to determine the needs of your child and then place you with the most suitable GCSE maths tutor in Liverpool. 


Are your GCSE maths tutors DBS checked?

This is a question parents should always ask. There are a lot of private tutors out there who do not have a CRB or DBS check and unfortunately there are many nationwide websites that advertise ‘great tutors’ for £15 per hour, but these are nearly always unqualified and are not vetted. 


Does my GCSE Maths tutor need to be qualified? 

By the letter of the law, no they don’t, but this can be a problem. There are many websites out there advertising unqualified tutors who have no experience at all and no knowledge of the actual GCSE maths exams. At MME all of our Liverpool maths tutors have to be qualified, experienced and DBS checked so you can be confident in getting someone that knows what they are doing. 


Do your GCSE maths tutors in Liverpool teach my child’s exam board? 

The short answer is yes. Most schools cover either AQA, OCR and Edexcel. We always make sure that our GCSE maths tutors have experience of teaching the relevant exam board. 


My child is preparing for their GCSE maths retake, can you help? 

Yes we have specialist GCSE maths resit tutors in Liverpool who help students that really struggle to pass their GCSE exams. 


If you are looking to arrange professional GCSE maths tuition in Liverpool, then contact Maths Made Easy today.  

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