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At Maths Made Easy we only work with the very best GCSE maths tutors in Leeds. All of our tutors...

Maths Made Easy Team 18 January 2019
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At Maths Made Easy we only work with the very best GCSE maths tutors in Leeds. All of our tutors are experienced, qualified and DBS checked. Since the changes to the maths curriculum in 2015, GCSE maths tuition requests have steadily increased and we believe this is due to two things. Firstly people do recommend our service so we are naturally getting more tuition requests, but also we are finding that many more children are struggling with maths. The new GCSE maths 9-1 course no longer has course work and as a result of this change more content was added into the curriculum, some of which use to be in the A Level maths course. Also the GCSE formula sheet has been removed meaning that students also have to remember a lot more when going into the exam. The final significant change that we have seen which is causing students to struggle is the style of exam question. In the old GCSE maths exams you would see questions appear with set methods and these questions would come up every other year so students could learn the past papers and guarantee a good mark in the exam. With the style of questions for the AQA, OCR and Edexcel exam boards, the route through to the answer isn’t always that obvious and may be a totally new type of question that the student hasn’t seen before. Therefore our GCSE maths tutors in Leeds focus much more on understanding topics and questions so that our students have the skills to be able to navigate the new tricky types of questions. We also encourage students to have a go at as many practise questions as they can in the lead up to the exam and they can do this using our GCSE Maths revision materials and worksheets. These maths resources cover everything from trigonometry questions to maths revision cards

We tutor all abilities of children from those looking to attain a grade 4 to those pushing for a level 9 and everything in between. We also have GCSE Maths tutors in Leeds who specialise on re sit students, those who may have taken their GCSE Maths exam on numerous occasions and not got the required grade. So if you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in Leeds, contact Maths Made Easy today and we will be happy to assist. 

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