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GCSE Physics Revision Cards


GCSE Physics Revision Cards are a great way to revise

  • AQA GCSE Physics Flash Cards
  • Relevant to Higher and Foundation Tiers
  • All Major Syllabus Topics Covered
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The Best GCSE Physics Revision Cards Available

We think the MME GCSE Physics revision cards are by far the best there are. Every topic from the AQA specification is covered with 5 knowledge based questions and one exam style question to test the application of your knowledge. Revision cards are a great way to learn and identify areas that you need to focus on. 

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GCSE Physics Exam Questions on Every Card!

Our GCSE Physics flash cards have an exam style question on every major topic in the AQA specification. These questions mimic the format and style of actual exam questions and test your application of the subject knowledge to help you prepare for your final exam. We think this is the best feature of our GCSE Physics cards and the thing that helps students the most in their revision journey. 

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GCSE Physics Revision Cards Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have about our GCSE Physics Revision Cards are answered here.

Each card covers a topic from the AQA GCSE Physics spec. The front of each card starts with 5 knowledge based questions before moving onto an exam style question. The reverse of the card contains all of the answers and expanded explanations. 

Absolutely. As you approach your exam the MME GCSE Physics cards will be invaluable in helping you to quickly identify gaps in your knowledge and practice exam style questions. 

Yes you can find all of our other flashcards on our dedicated GCSE Science cards page. 

Yes, alongside the flash cards it is good to also work through Physics worksheets and of course the GCSE exam papers

There are many ways that you can use the GCSE Physics flash cards. One way that students find them useful is to work through the set splitting them into 2 or 3 piles of topics you know well, okay and not very well, and then this helps you to focus your revision on the areas you don’t know that well as this is the quickest way to improve your marks. 

The cards will be on sale before the end of November so please register your interest to ensure you are one of the first to receive them. 

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