GCSE Physics Exam Questions by Topic


Conservation and dissipation of Energy
Energy Changes in a System
Methods of generating electricity 1
Methods of generating electricity 2


Current and Potential Difference 1
Current and Potential Difference 2
Domestic Uses and Safety 1
Domestic Uses and Safety 2
Electrical Energy Transfer
Series and Parallel
Triple only Static Electricity

Particle Model of Matter

Changes in state and the particle model
Internal Energy and Energy Transfers 1
Internal Energy and Energy Transfers 2
Particle Model and Pressure

Atomic Physics

Atoms and Isotopes
Atoms and Nuclear Radiation 1
Atoms and Nuclear Radiation 2
Hazards and Uses of Radiation


Forces and Elasticity
Forces and Motion 1
Forces and Motion 2
Forces and their interactions 1
Forces and their interactions 2
Moments Levers and Gears
Pressure in Fluids
Work Done and Energy Transfer


Black Body Radiation
Electromagnetic Waves 1
Electromagnetic Waves 2
Waves in air fluids and solids

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Induced pd Transformers and the National Grid
Permanent and Induced Magnetism
The Motor Effect


Solar System Star and Satellites

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