GCSE Science Course Changes and Revision Materials

30th January 2018

The GCSE curriculum changed quite considerably in September 2016 and this year will see the new GCSE Science exams sat for the first time. With a totally new exam structure, students will now either sit 4 GCSE Science exams to gain a double GCSE in combined Science or they will sit 6 exams, two for each Science, to gain a Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE’s. The number of exams has been reduced since the previous specifications but the exam length overall has actually increased. This is in partly to reflect the fact there is around 50% more content within each GCSE Science for AQA, Edexcel and OCR, the iGCSE’s haven’t changed much. This is a result of the exclusion of coursework’s and controlled assessments, so instead students have to complete required practical’s which are completed in lesson and are then examined as part of the exam structure described above.

For GCSE Biology there has been a lot of content dropped down from the A Level syllabus such as microscopy and the corresponding calculations. For GCSE Chemistry there is now far more focus on organic and inorganic Chemistry. In the GCSE Physics specification there has seen a reintroduction and renewed focus on Newton’s Laws and other more traditional Physics topics. All three GCSE Sciences now include more Maths and practical application of the knowledge.

Because the course content for all GCSE Sciences has changed considerably the resources that are available for the old GCSE Science courses are no longer as relevant. At Maths Made Easy we not only help students with Maths revision materials but we also have tonnes of Science revision resources to help you study as well. From GCSE Biology worksheets to AQA GCSE Science specimen papers and mark schemes, we have everything that a student needs to comprehensively revise GCSE Biology, with GCSE Chemistry and Physics worksheets also being added shortly. We can also help students who struggle with GCSE Science through the use of an expert GCSE Science tutor. Whether you are looking for GCSE Biology revision worksheets or a Maths tutor in Leeds, Maths Made Easy can help.