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GCSE Science OCR Gateway New (9-1) Exam Revision Checklist

New OCR Gateway GCSE Science (9-1) Exam

Taught from 2016, examined in 2018

GCSE Maths Revision Cards

  • All major GCSE maths topics covered
  • Higher and foundation
  • All exam boards - AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC.

OCR Gateway Combined Science

  • All exams will be sat at the end of the two year course.
  • Six papers each with Section A – multiple choice questions (10 marks) and Section B – structured questions including extended response (50 marks) lasting 1 hour 10 minutes. ⅙ of total marks each.
  • Grade 9 to 1 will replace the familiar A* to G grading scale.

OCR Gateway Biology or Chemistry or Physics A

  • Two papers each with Section A – multiple choice questions (15 marks) and Section B – structured questions including extended response (75 marks) lasting 1hr 45mins 50% of total marks each

OCR NEW GCSE Science Specifications

OCR Combined Science A

OCR Biology A
OCR Chemistry A
OCR Physics A

GCSE Biology A

B1: Cell level systems

  • Cell structures; what happens in cells; respiration; photosynthesis

B2: Scaling up

  • Supplying the cell; the challenges of size

B3: Organism level systems

  • Coordination and control – the nervous system;
  • coordination and control – the endocrine system;
  • maintaining internal environments

B4: Community level systems

  • Ecosystems

B5: Interaction between systems

  • Inheritance; natural selection and evolution

B6: Global challenges

  • Monitoring and maintaining the environment; feeding the human race; monitoring and maintaining health

Chemistry A

C1: Particles

  • The particle model; atomic structure; atoms; molecules

C2: Elements, compounds and mixtures

  • Separating mixtures; bonding; properties of materials

C3: Chemical reactions

  • Chemical reactions; energy changes; types of chemical reactions; electrolysis

C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products

  • Predicting chemical reactions; identification of products of chemical reactions

C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions

  • Yield; atom economy; rate of reactions; equilibria

C6: Global challenges

  • Improving processes and products; organic chemistry; composition of the atmosphere

Physics A

P1: Matter

  • The particle model; changes of state; pressure in gases and liquids

P2: Forces

  • Motion; Newton’s Laws; fields and forces causing changes

P3: Electricity

  • Static and charge; simple circuits; electrical current, potential difference and resistance

P4: Magnetism and magnetic fields

  • Magnets and magnetic fields; uses of magnetic fields

P5: Waves in matter

  • Behaviour of mechanical and electromagnetic waves; the electromagnetic spectrum

P6: Radioactive decay – waves and particles

  • Radioactive emissions; radioactive decay

P7: Energy

  • Work done; power and efficiency

P8: Global challenges

  • How objects are affected by external factors; electricity production; characteristics of planets