How to become a Tutor

How to become a Tutor?  This is the question that many teachers and university graduates ask as they look to...

Maths Made Easy Team 15 May 2019
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How to become a Tutor? 

This is the question that many teachers and university graduates ask as they look to find further work opportunities. If you are asking yourself, ‘how do I become a tutor’ then this article will hopefully help. 

When becoming a private tutor you first need to decide which subjects and levels you are going to be comfortable tutoring. If you are a qualified teacher then this should be quite easy as you will already be teaching, but for graduates who are looking to teach for the first time then you will need to ensure that you have the subject knowledge at the right level before you begin. Once you have decided on the subjects and levels you want to tutor then the next step would be ensuring you have an up to date DBS check. Often parents will ask to see a DBS check (formerly CRB) to ensure you have no criminal convictions. You can not apply for a DBS check as an individual and must apply through an agency. You can apply for a DBS check through Maths Made Easy via the following link. 

Apply for a DBS check to become a tutor

The next step in how to become a tutor is to advertise your services. Setting up your own website and advertising through social platforms can be very expensive and is an unnecessary cost. Often people start along this route and realise that you end up spending more on marketing than the tuition actually pays. Working with a local or national tuition agency can save you the hassle and expense of advertising and enable you to focus on the tuition work. Most tuition agencies work with tutors on a self employed basis, thus giving you the freedom to choose when you work. At Maths Made Easy, we have a local and national presence and as we work with thousands of tutors we are able to focus the marketing spend and generate more tuition requests through our platform. Unlike other nationwide tuition websites, we actually speak with every parent, understand the needs of each student, determine their availability, location and other information that enables us to place them with the right tutor. This means tutors don’t waste their time trying to set up tuition with students who don’t match their criteria. To become a maths tutor with Maths Made Easy, you can apply below. 

How to become a tutor with Maths Made Easy. 

Once you have chosen your subjects, arranged for your DBS and set up with Maths Made Easy, the last step to becoming a tutor is ensuring you have access to the best resources to help you plan lessons and set homework. This is where Maths Made  Easy can really help. Unlike any other tuition platform or service we are dedicated to providing the very best maths, English and Science resources for our tutors and students. Below is a list of some of our most popular resources:

KS2 nnd primary resources

GCSE Maths revision materials 

GCSE Science revision materials

A Level maths revision materials

Now you how to become a tutor, the next step is to apply to become a tutor with Maths Made Easy. 

Become a Tutor 

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