How to book a GCSE Maths tutor in Manchester

How to book a private maths tutor in Manchester is a good question? The short answer is Maths Made Easy....

Maths Made Easy Team 13 September 2019
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How to book a private maths tutor in Manchester is a good question? 

The short answer is Maths Made Easy. We are a leading provider of in person GCSE maths tuition in Manchester. Our team of dedicated professionals are DBS checked, qualified and experienced. To book the most suitable maths tutor for child, we first would need to know a few additional details such as their current level, target level and the reason for wanting a private tutor. Once we understand your child’s specific needs we can assess which tutor is likely to be the best match. From this point we forward your details onto one of the expert GCSE maths tutors and they will contact you directly to book in the initial lesson. 

What happens in the initial maths lesson? 

The tutor will arrive at the agreed time, introduce themselves before diving straight into the content. They will start with a few questions and quickly ascertain your child’s level and some of their weaker areas. This initial assessment will help to form the strucutre of the lessons going forward. At the end of the lesson the tutor will set a relevant piece of follow up work for your son or daughter to do in their own time. The tutor will then provide you with direct feedback to let you know what has been covered and what the plan is going forwards. 

How do I pay and book in further lessons? 

You pay the tutor directly for the lessons and book in the times with them. Most students have a 1 hour lesson each week as this tends to be most effective. 

When should my child start their GCSE maths tuition?

This is really dependent on the individual student and what they want to achieve. If you are unsure then booking in an introductory assessment lesson with one of our GCSE maths tutors in Manchester is a good idea. 

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