How to book a maths tutor in Wakefield

To book a maths tutor in Wakefield contact Maths Made Easy!  Our team of dedicated professional maths tutors in Wakefield...

Maths Made Easy Team 3 September 2019
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To book a maths tutor in Wakefield contact Maths Made Easy! 

Our team of dedicated professional maths tutors in Wakefield are DBS checked, qualified and experienced. Whether you are looking for a primary maths teacher to help your child to prepare them for the SATs exams or you are looking to set up A level maths tuition, we are here to help. It is very easy to book a private maths tutor, the following steps outline how it works:

1. Give MME a call or email. One of our expert team will have a chat with you to determine what needs your child has and what type of tutor is likely to work best. 

2. We will match your criteria with the most suitable maths tutor in Wakefield. We have a team of expert tutors so who ever we arrange you can be rest assured they will have a great track record and will of course be DBS checked for your peace of mind. 

3. The tutor will give you a call to set up a suitable time for the first lesson. In most cases our maths tutors in Wakefield travel to you for no additional cost to make tuition as accessible as possible to all families. 

4. The first lesson takes place and you then book regular slots with the tutor directly. There is no contract and you pay on a lesson by lesson basis. 

The simple steps outlined above make it easy for anyone to set up tuition with an expert private maths tutor. There are a number of online platforms advertising cheap tuition, so make sure you always ask if the service DBS checks tutors as mandatory and are the tutors qualified and experienced. You get what you pay for doesn’t apply to everything but private maths tuition is certainly one area where it does apply. Contact MME today to find your perfect Wakefield maths tutor

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