How to book a private maths tutor in Leeds

Many parents ask ‘How do I book a maths tutor in Leeds?’  This is a great question as there are...

Maths Made Easy Team 9 July 2019
How to book a private maths tutor in Leeds

Many parents ask ‘How do I book a maths tutor in Leeds?’ 

This is a great question as there are many websites, platforms and services offering maths tutors and knowing which one to select can be difficult. The first thing you should ask is are you looking for a cheap tutor or someone with qualifications and the right experience, as there are two distinct types of tutor that you will find on the different platforms. Tuition websites like Tutorful, MyTutor, First Tutors and Tutor Hunt allow anybody to sign up so the range of tutors on these websites are huge. The price of the tuition often highlights the experience of the tutor but not always. So how do you find an experienced and qualified maths tutor in Leeds? 

1. Use a reputable service where you know the tutors are checked beforehand, unlike any of the services mentioned above where anyone can sign up to their platform. At Maths Made Easy Leeds we only work with experienced, qualified and DBS checked maths tutors in Leeds.     

2. Determine whether you want the maths tutor to travel to you or you want to travel to them. 

3. Ensure that the maths tutor knows the exam board that your child is taking. At Maths Made Easy we do all of this for you and ensure that the maths tutor in Leeds you are looking for has the right experience and matches the type of tutor you want. 

4. Once you have contacted a reputable tuition service like Maths Made Easy, they will take care of the rest of the process for you. You should always ensure that you pay the maths tutor directly rather than the service online as this will ensure they keep most of the fee.

Once the Leeds maths tutor has contacted you, all you need to do is book in a convenient time for your recurring lessons. Private tuition should always be done on a lesson by lesson basis as your child’s needs may change or your financial circumstance may alter meaning you don’t want to be tied into any long term tuition contract. At Maths Made Easy, you pay on a lesson by lesson basis but the Leeds maths tutors will ensure that your weekly or biweekly tuition slot is reserved for your child for as long as you want it. 

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