How to calculate percentages?

04th January 2019

Percentages are not just something we study at school or teach during our tuition lessons, percentages are something that everyone uses on weekly basis. Whether it is looking at a credit card APR, sorting out a mortgage or looking at the sale items in a shop, percentages are everywhere and it is really useful to know how they work and what different types there are. 

What is percentage change and how do I calculate it? 

Percentage change is the amount a number goes up or down as a percentage to the original amount so if 50 goes up to 75 then this is a 50% increase. This can be calculated by dividing the change 25 in this case, the original which is 50 then multiply by 100. 

How to calculate a percentage of something?

You can convert the percentage to a decimal and multiply. So 25% of 80, is 0.25 x 80 = 20. 

Calculating a percentage?

Ben gets 20 out of 50 in a maths test, what percentage is this? Amount/Total x 100, so 40% in this example.

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