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If your child attends Ilkley Grammar School and you are looking for a local maths tutor in Ilkley then MME...

Maths Made Easy Team 31 July 2019
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If your child attends Ilkley Grammar School and you are looking for a local maths tutor in Ilkley then MME can help. Our team of expert KS3, GCSE and A level maths tutors in Ilkley are experienced in teaching the new specification. We also work with locally based tuition service, Ilkley Tuition, to provide the very best maths tuition in Ilkley. All of our maths tutors in Ilkley are DBS checked, qualified and experienced. 

Commonly asked questions:

How much does the maths tuition cost?

We charge a flat rate of £30 per hour for KS3 and GCSE maths tuition and £35 for A level maths tuition. 

How do I book a maths tutor in my area? 

You simply get in touch and we will arrange a maths tutor for you. So whether you are looking for a GCSE maths tutor in Addingham, or an A level maths tutor in Ilkley, we are here to help. 

Will your maths tutors set additional work outside of lessons? 

In most cases our maths tutors will set additional work but not if a child is struggling to keep up or it is demotivating them. In instances where children are struggling with homework, tutors will set less work on a week to week basis and look to gradually build on the work set each month. To summarise, our Ilkley maths tutors tailor the work they set for each individual student. 

Have your tutors had experience with Ilkley Grammar School?

Yes, we have actually worked directly with Ilkley Grammar to help some students with their maths on a one to one basis, so our tutors have extensive experience with pupils from this school. 


If you are looking for a maths tutor in Ilkley, contact Maths Made Easy today. 

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