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Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the MME Team!

We are a resource and tuition platform providing students of all ages and abilities with the tools to achieve their academic goals. Our affiliates are an essential part of our goal, allowing us to reach more students and aid their learning.

We provide a whole range of resources from exams, to practice papers, free online questions and flashcards. Before beginning your journey please make sure you are familiar with our business and the products and services we have to offer.

Instagram Affiliate Application

    The Plan

    1Discount Codes

    We will provide you with a unique discount codes for you to give to your followers, allowing them to purchase our products at a reduced rate


    You will earn commission on the total amount spent by customers using your code in that month

    2Purchases Stored

    Every purchase made with your code will be stored in our system and linked to your profile


    At the end of each month we will send you a report with your total number of sales and your commission!

    The Money

    We are using a tiered approach to commission, this means the % of commission you earn is dependent on how many sales you make each month as shown:

    Number of Sales % of Commission
    1-9 10
    10-19 15
    20-29 20
    30+ We’ll contact you to discuss things further!

    The Rules

    We love the fact that you are joining us on our journey and want to see you grow and achieve, but it is essential everything you do remains within the guidelines. This means there are a few things you can and can’t do:

    1. Any post you do for which you have received/ will receive some kind of reward (this includes monetary payment, commission, free product/service, free loan of a product/service, any other incentive) is classed as an advert. This applies to any posts with links or discount codes connected to you from which you will earn commission or a reward.
    2. As an affiliate, any posts benefitting you are classed as affiliate ads/secondary advertising. This means all content must adhere to the ASA rules.
    3. The rules state consumers must be made aware of any content that is an ad (you may of course have content about us that is completely organic, and from which you will gain nothing which isn’t classed as advertising so doesn’t follow the same rules). It is the responsibility of the brand, influencer and any other parties who stand to gain from the ad to make it clear it is advertising.
    4. As a bare minimum any content classed as advertising must have an OBVIOUS Ad label. That means it can’t be in a sea of hashtags or at the very bottom of the post. A consumer mustn’t have to take any action to discover the Ad label e.g. it must be before the “see more” part of an Instagram caption.
    5. The labels themselves can be with or without a # . In order to ensure the label is clear please always use one of the following options which have been provided by the ASA; AD, ADVERT, ADVERTISING, ADVERTISEMENT, ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE.
    6. As influencer marketing is often harder for the consumer to detect please don’t rely on using “Supported by/Funded by”, “In association with”, “Thanks to (brand) for making this possible”, “@brand”, “gifted”, “sponsorship/sponsored”, “affiliate/aff”, “Spon/sp” and any other abbreviations/words that consumers may misunderstand. Obviously you can put these on your post but there must also be an AD label.
    7. Of course we want you to promote as many products as you can, but please ensure that they are products you have tried out yourself beforehand, all of your content and posts about us must be 100% genuine. You can promote the overall company and any products you have tried but all claims you make must be truthful.
    8. Your code must always be connected to your account and MME, it is not to be shared on discount code or voucher sites where there is no real connection to, or promotion of our products.

    We know this may seem like a lot of rules but it is essential that you follow them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, we look forward to working with you!