Top 5 KS2 Maths Number Flashcards

Using number flash cards to help children learn to count and multiply can be a fun and interactive way to teach. KS2 revision cards come in all sorts of format and ensuring you get the best one for the learning objective is crucial. The number flash cards on this page are aimed at primary aged children who are learning to count and move on to their timetables. Times tables flash cards are an effective tool in helping young children learn their times tables. Have fun with the Maths Made Easy top 5 maths revision cards today.  

Top 5 Number Flashcards

The following are the top 5 number flashcards to help children learn how to count and then move onto their times tables.

1.       The Maths Made Easy number flashcards: These are designed to help younger children to recognise numbers and to progress with their counting skills. This 0-100 pack is useful for younger children who are learning to count. The maths cards can also be used in as multiplication flashcards and in other games once a child has progressed passed the counting part of the curriculum.

2.       The Maths Made Easy times table flashcards: These KS2 maths revision cards are a great way to encourage children to learn their times tables. From the 2 times table all the way up to the 10 times table, these cards are a great way to help with practise. These cards can also be used as multiplication flashcards.

3.       The Maths Made Easy number flashcards (paper version): You can access these cards for free via our website. This is a cheap way to make flashcards but they aren’t as engaging and it can be a bit of a pain to print and cut the paper, but if you are looking for free number flashcards these are for you.

4.       TES Number Flashcards: TES provide many free resources and if you are looking for a paper version of the maths flashcards then these come in second to the Maths Made Easy ones. The MME KS2 maths cards also cover SATs. This dedicated pack of SATs maths revision cards are accessible through MME. 

5.       Skill Drill Number Flash Cards: These cards are a good introduction into numbers bit are very basic in design and don’t help to engage younger children as well. Fine to be used as times table flashcards with older children.