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To compare numbers, we have to understand place value (then link it to the place value page you create). The place value of a digit in a number tells us how much it is worth, which is what we use to compare numbers.

Putting these numbers in the place value table lets us compare each place value. We can see that they both have 2 hundreds, so we move to the tens. In the tens column we can see that 255 has one more ten than 245, so 255 is bigger!

For more practice on comparing numbers less than 1000, click here. (https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2-revision/year-3-compare-order-numbers-1000/)

We can also compare numbers beyond 1,000 in the same way.

Which is smaller, 3564 or 3544?

The table shows us that 3564 and 3544 have the same amount of hundreds and thousands. If we look at the tens though, we can see that 3544 has less tens, so must be smaller!

For more practice comparing numbers bigger than 1,000, click here. (https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2-revision/year-4-compare-numbers-beyond-1000/)

To see this with even bigger numbers, up to 1,000,000, click here. (https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2-revision/year-5-compare-values-1-million/)

Now that we have compared, we can order!

Put the following numbers in ascending (smallest to biggest) order: 362, 241, and 365.

Putting the numbers in the place value chart shows us that 241 is the smallest, because it has the least hundreds. Next, we need to compare 362 and 365. They have the same hundreds and tens, but 362 has less units, so must be the next one in our list. Our order is:

242, 362, 365

For more practice on comparing ordering numbers less than 1000, click here. (https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/ks2-revision/year-3-compare-order-numbers-1000/)

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Example Questions


We can see that both numbers have the same thousands, so we need to compare the hundreds. 1,111 has the most hundreds, so must be biggest.

We are going in descending order, so we want to put them in order from biggest to smallest.


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