Wrrten Words as Numbers | Primary Maths | KS2 Maths Revision

Before looking at complicated numbers, it is helpful to learn some basic names:

Hint: Use the pattern for the tens to find names for numbers in the hundreds, thousands, etc.

Numbers Less Than 100

Write 35 in words

When writing a number less than 100:

1.Split it into tens and units.

2.Put a hyphen (“-“) between the words.

Numbers Less Than 1000

We do this in the same way as for numbers less than 100, we just have the hundreds to put in as well now.

Write 457 in words

Writing Any Number

Now that we can write numbers less than 1000, we can write any number!!!! (As long as we remember million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion,………).

To write these big numbers we put them in groups of 3, which we can see from this place value chart:

Write 1,230,541 in words.

Words Into Numbers

Numbers less than 100

Write eighty-seven in numbers.

Numbers less than 1000

We can do this in the same way as numbers less than 100, we just have the hundreds to deal with as well!

Write two hundred and six in numbers

Writing any Number

To turn any number from words to number we need to look for groups again. We find our groups this time by looking for words like “billion”, “million” and “thousand”.

Write eleven million two hundred and thirty-three thousand four hundred and twenty in numbers.

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