Telling the time on an analogue clock | KS2 Teaching Resources

What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • An hour has 60 minutes.
  • If the minute hand is point to the 12, then the hour tells us what o’clock it is.
  • Although you might be used to a digital clock on a phone or computer, analogue clocks are still used for watched and clock towers (like Big Ben).

We do have some important words to learn for when we are talking about time.

O’clock – usually only used for the hour

Noon – 12 o’clock during the day

Midnight – 12 o’clock at night

If we look at an analogue clock, we can see that it has three hands:

Hour hand – Short and thick hand, moves slowest

Minutes hand – Long hand that moves a little faster

Seconds hand – Thin and moves quickest

When the minute hand is point at the “12” and the hour hand is pointing to a number, we say it is “that number” o’clock.

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Example Questions

The hour hand should be pointing to the 11.


The answer is Clock B.

The hour hand should be pointing to the 1.


The answer is Clock C.

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