What you need to know

Things to remember:

  • £1 = 100p (100 pennies in a pound)
  • To help see how many pounds you have you should say the number out loud.
  • The number of pounds you have is the same as how many hundreds you have!

If we remember that there is 100p in £1, we can quickly see that

£2 = 200p

£4 = 400p

When converting pounds into pence it is easiest to turn the pounds into hundreds of pence, and then add the pennies we had to start with:

£5 and 60p = 500p and 60p = 500p + 60p = 560p

£3 and 85p = 300p and 85p = 300p + 85p = 385p

When turning pence into pounds, we should first split it in to hundred and “everything else”:

837p = 800p and 37p

But we know that 100p = £1, so we can then see that

800p = £8

837p = 800p and 37p = £8 and 37p

If we say “837” out loud and look at our answer, we can see that the number of pounds we have is the same as how many hundreds we said!

Example Questions

Question 1: What is £2 and 33p in pence?


£2 and 33p = 200p and 33p = 200p + 33p = 233p


So, £2 and 33p is the same as 233p.

Question 2: What is 566p in pounds and pence?


566p = 500p + 66p = £5 and 66p


So, 566p in pounds and pence is £5 and 66p